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KonkNaija Media | May 5, 2016

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Artist Review: Anthony Vex (Cold North Entertainment) – @AmpVex

Artist Review: Anthony Vex (Cold North Entertainment) – @AmpVex

| On 20, Jun 2014

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan under the twin sign Gemini, the artist known as Anthony Vex has been afforded a life some would envy while most would despise.  Raised by a single mother in the heart of the city, music wasn’t the life she or others would have envisioned for him to pursue as they believed he would go into the technical field or become a preacher.  In his earlier years listening to rap and hip-hop wasn’t allowed at home so every chance he got to he would be at one of his best friends’ houses where his brothers would be listening to hip-hop all the time.  Eventually he along with his group of friends would begin their own journey into the world of music and entertainment but it wouldn’t be before enduring growing pains that he would stop treating it as a hobby and start looking at it as the profession that would shape his life and destiny.


After reaching the first of many milestones and to his cities delight he released his first project the “Black Magic EP” locally and begun establishing himself as a lyrical force to be taken notice of.  Receiving praise, positive feedback and reinforcement from fans and other artists alike, he became more determined to make it in the music industry than ever before where once it was just a dream, now it seemed like a very possible reality.  Since the beginning and through the years Vex has been known for his intense passion and concrete commitment level that when looked at by others has been viewed as extreme yet also amazing, though to him its just business as usual fighting for position to reach his goals.


Through many struggles and hardships he constantly strives for further growth and development on a daily bases.  Holding it down for the North with no plans to quit, Vex coined the name Cold North, which he and many others would begin calling the Midwestern, Great Lake region.  He then officially started building it into more than a movement, seeing as it was what he labeled his region, it only made since as the record label that would fit him best such was the birth of Cold North Entertainment.  Anthony Vex continues to be an artist his peers respect and who fans across the world admire.

He makes music about the life he’s participated in and witnessed, which sometimes can become a challenge to find a balance between going to the deep depths of the street life and growing up in a single parent home; To lighthearted glimpses of social commentary with satire and wit; delivering raw energy that can get you turnt up while partying to ease the long days life can bring; Chilling tales of struggle and strife, that show hopes of promise to reach success and triumph with lyrics that can take you so high that its over ya head..  Filled with the drive of a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain, confident that just around the corner is the proverbial break he has been looking for through the years.

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Out with a new song titled; L4D4 (Live For Die For) with lyrics – What I Live for I Die for thats my love, What I Live for I Ride for thats a thug Cold…………

Listen to the new joint; L4D4 5 L4D4