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KonkNaija Media | May 5, 2016

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Good entertainment, great recipe for a memorable wedding day

Good entertainment, great recipe for a memorable wedding day

| On 03, Dec 2013

A memorable wedding day can only be made possible when certain key elements are properly put in place. Good entertainment is one of the most important elements of an unforgettable wedding day, therefore every prospective couple planning their dream wedding should make entertainment an important aspect of their big day. Your guests may not remember your dress but they will certainly remember the fun and exciting aspects of the day.


Every detail of your wedding ceremony and reception is very essential and entertainment plays a key role in all. You can plan your own music for the ceremony to suit your style of wedding. You may want to consider an alternative such as a guitarist or a soloist; hire one to entertain your guests singing your favourite love songs. To add elegance and sophistication to your ceremony, you will be setting greater expectations for the reception to follow.

The Reception

Let a saxophonist welcome your guests with soft lyrics from traditional to contemporary as they arrive the wedding reception venue. Keep your guests entertained at the reception while you set out for your photo session. A cocktail area set aside before the main reception where your guests can mingle and relax as they arrive is great and functional too. Guests arriving for the ceremony will settle in nicely to great entertainment, a perfect ambience to a great wedding day experience.

Your wedding guests will be spending most part of the day at the reception venue, usually well attended by families and friends who want to see something different at your wedding, so don’t be afraid to bend the rules. You can both take the centre stage to sing your favourite love song as a duet or if your spouse is not a show boy, dedicate his favourite love song to the admiration of your guests.


The size, formality and your wedding budget should help to determine the style of entertainment you aim to achieve at the reception. You may be cut between the decisions to get a big band or a DJ if you are having your reception at a grand venue. Your entertainment should complete your style of wedding and also keep your wedding guests completely engaged for the duration of the event. Big bands can be quite expensive but the advantage is the experience and the drive to play a broad spectrum of musical tastes to entertain everyone.

My tips

There is nothing as boring as a wedding where the guests sits down looking gloomy, bad for your photo album and definitely not a great reputation afterwards, therefore plan your entertainments ahead of time,

Consider how you felt the last time you attended a very dreary wedding which is a good reason to make yours different and keep your guests waiting till the end.

You may also want to involve a friend and a family member who sings or plays instruments, you can ask them to perform at the reception during the interval; this can add a personal touch to your beautiful day.

Lastly, plan your entertainment with your spouse as he may be able to suggest other fun ways to manage your entertainment and great chemistry too. More info