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KonkNaija Media | May 5, 2016

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Uncle Benji goes to Australia

Uncle Benji goes to Australia

Soo my uncle benji decided to take his wife and their 2 kids to Australia from Canada and when they boarded and set off at some point alert noises went off in the plane. The pilot apologised and said the were overloaded and they would jettison some fuel. Another 2 hrs later and he had to get stewards to obtain signed permits frm passengers to jettison luggage. After another two hours the pilot took to the tanoy.

“Ladies and gentlemen we are flying T 20000 feet altitude 45000 and right over Albania and I regret we will have to jettison people.

To keep it fair we tossed coins on the best way to decide who to jettison first and we chose by ethnicity in alphabetical order.

So everyone became quite scared but nevertheless the Asians were chucked off first

The pilot announced that tailwinds had improved prospects now that the plane was lighter and everyone heaved a sigh of relief

Another hour later and the alarm went off again this time around they were hovering near the horn of Africa hostesses were going round preparing the black people to jump off,

Air hostess gestured toward the back of the plane asking are there any Africans in aisle 45 to 87? uncle benji was sitting with his family in aisle 68 and being thathis son wanted to please his dad who taught them about the pride of the black African man,his son started to speak up loudly “we are black Afr…….”

uncle benji swelled up and jumped down and covered his sons mouth hissing between clenched teeth “shut up my friend, today we are Wogs”