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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Gizem ‘Chinyere’ Yakar On The Hotseat

Gizem ‘Chinyere’ Yakar On The Hotseat

| On 28, Feb 2013

Doing the globetrot through Rhodes at a rather cold time of year, we made a pit stop and branched by Turkey to get a bucketload of warmth from none other than beautiful Gizem Yakar in Istanbul , here’s what she had to say…

Who Are you and Where Are You Based

I’m Gizem Yakar. My friends call me Chinyere, I am Turkish and live in Istanbul..

What do you do, how would you describe ur presence in the industry, what’syo ur mission?

I work in TV station here in Istanbul and i have a blog about Nigerian entertainment ( I am a blogger and promoter and I am trying to help upcoming artists in Nigeria get their music and creativity out to the world and i also give people latest Nigerian songs, videos, gist, news and current and latest trends in Nigerian Entertainment.

How long have you been doing this?

It will be almost 2 years now, I was sharing some site’s links on twitter at first and later I worked with another blog type site..
I considered working with another blog after becoming disheartened with the level of professionalism at the Nigerian site I had worked with and eventually packed it in, my interest in Nigerian Entertainment was of course by now awakened and after talks with other established blogs and entertainment sites, I decided to open my own site so I could control scope, content, image and more and i launched my blog in 2012

Notable moments in your career?

Wow….. its been under a year since I set up, I have made progress, notable moments,….well I have made it this far, with the help of people who support me and besides that it has been great so far.

What’s the best and worst part of what you do?

The worst part of my job is telling people that their songs are not good enough to post or  good enough and or up to the standards needed to promote or publish. I don’t wanna break their hearts, I don’t want them to stop what they are doing.. but i cant just share every song.  Because my blog is like people’s radio and I have to give them good songs/videos and present good content.  Sometimes people even insult me because I say I can’t help; The Best thing is when they say “God bless you” ”keep it up” “am enjoying your updates” .. what can i say again?.(smiles)

A little about you?

As i said before am from Turkey. I live in istanbul. I am 28 years old. I studied music in school. I work in a TV station, and I am living with my family here. I have an older sister as well in the family.  The nickname ‘Chinyere’ was from a friend who is from Nigeria and it kind of stuck and many of my friends started to call me that and now its more or less a part of me.  I have never been to Nigeria, but I love everything about Nigeria, the people, the culture, the music, the entertainment, the vibrancy and of course the food.

Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?

Oya !!! 10 years na too much ooo :) well let me see, in the next year or two I would be honoured if I get a recognition or award for my work on my blog such as the bloggers award (by God’s grace) as non-nigerian!! I am working hard for that……with my team :)

What do you do for relaxing/fun/chilling out?

Since i started blogging I don’t really have time for anything even for my friends…. they are really complaining about it.. even my  friends who connect to me via social tools such as facebook, twitter and blackberry they tell me my conversations are limited to broadcasts. So….. actually while I am here, a bit apology to everyone who has stayed by my side while I am consumed with getting my mission of reporting and journalistic effort on its feet. I hope they will accept my apologies and understand me. Its hard being friends with someone who is watching their phone waiting for the next hot release from an artist.
When I am not stuck in front of my PC blogging and hunting down the latest news or fending off the unlatest news; I like to go out with friends, like watching movie, listening to music, reading novels, eating egusi, and learning pidgin.

What advice do you have for others inspired by you?

If they wanna be bloggers “at least” they should learn about html codes so that their jobs can be more quality! it is not like let me be a blogger and heeeey am blogger now.
I began blogging when I was younger, its not about money or taking handouts, its about speaking your opinion on a matter or topic you like and appreciate and also its about knowing what is quality and what isn’t  and also about knowing what is good and what isn’t.
Also you need a bit more than a PC and internet connection, and well…..when I think about it….hmnnn… sometimes am seeing some things i don’t want to even believe or  tell now, am just smiling….!! God is watching you!!

Message for your fans, haters, critics

First of all i want to say a big thank you to Drillz (Drillz Studios) who made my logo! i guess even if i say that million times, its not enough to explain how i appreciate it;  God bless him!
My team….i love you guyz.. @RapmaniaX @smarmy08 @DeevaOfficial @tidinz @Olushegs @su_ply @emmysexy thnks for being there.
My friends both in Nigeria and Turkey thank you so much they will never give up on me.
To my fans.God bless them all, pls keep following me, keep visitin i’ll always try to do my best i promise.
To my haters.. :) ) i love you, over the course of time since i began, I have had a lot of positive and sadly negative folk too, some try to pull me down, I have had many attempts to hack my website and hack into my twitter account, I have  been accused of being a confidence trickster, a liar and other names; I have been told I am touting as a European when I am not, but I am still here and won’t be giving up at all, Haters make you famous.
I hope after hearing that I met with the KonkNaija team more will come to accept and believe that I am really a Turkish girl and they will not call me liar or 419 again :) Nigeria is so special, Nigerian people are so special. If they move together for their rights nobody can stop them, they can only solve problems together, not with fighting.  I hope they will get to that point one day. till then, God bless.
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  2. DA EMPEROR (Indigenous rapper and actor)

    You ROCK like ZUMA dear, thanks for always being there. I love ur courage and I never or will never have the cause to doubt you @Daemperor01 #cc

  3. Well, I’m so moved that I just feel like crying. And so, I would just say God bless you and continue to protect you. You’re just a gift to us artistes especially now that if you don’t have money to promote your songs, no matter how good it is, you won’t be heard. Keep it up girl. The whole world will celebrate you…one day. All my love.