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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Submit News / Advertise or Sponsor Your Post

Starting from May of 2015 we have introduced 3 new elements to our Magazine blog.

1. We will no longer post any news or press releases or share requests which we receive by email. Instead, we now have the following procedure.

(i) Go to our website post submission page

(ii) Send your article and please ensure you comply with the following.
a) Make sure you do not copy paste same text sent to other blogs, the facilities are there for you to compose/edit your post to make it unique.
b) Make sure you include/attach images you want to feature and links to your video or music track if you want it provided for viewing, play or download in the body of your submission.
c) Do not send us nonsense, we will delete it and block you.

Post received in this way will be reviewed and published if they are newsworthy and well written. This makes it fair for you, for us and is a good way to ensure we strive to deliver unique content.

A lot of publicists do not understand that the internet works in an uncanny way. Posting the same article on several sites damages the ratings for your article and renders it fairly worthless.  Putting a unique slant on your news that you send to us for posting means that readers can read it as though it is a different angle on the same news.  Good for you, Good for us, Great for the audience you want to reach.

2. We now offer anyone who wishes to advertise via a banner or promote/sponsor their post to the front page of the blog a chance to do so for a token fee.  This fee helps our staff maintain an internet connection, and buys them enough water to make sure they work hard posting your stuff and still look fresh and pretty instead of haggard and ugly.

If you wish to expedite your post or advertise go to our Advertisement Page (link opens in a new tab/page) to place your order and pay. for a sponsored review/post and to submit the data required OR place an order for a featured advert.

Why Advertise? Check out our most recent website statistics which includes page hits, visitor numbers and trafficstats

In the last 6 months We averaged about 2700 visitors per day and around 80,500 visitors a month apart from the first month after the holidays in January when we took a short hiatus to rest our weary hands.  Advertising or Sponsoring a post on our website is a good investment.

We hope that you will continue to send us your news and support us by sponsoring some of our news with us.

If you need to reach us, please send ONLY an SMS to us.  UK: +44 798 413 4851 or NG: +234 809 944 8589. Please don’t abuse the provision of our phone numbers.

We know these are a lot of new changes, but we assure you, we are doing this to make it easier to get news published and to compensate our staff for the hard work they do.

When we set up this blog 5 years ago, it was because we wanted to give people a platform where they could access news and updates and so on. At first we had the odd 20 emails a day and now we get up to 750 emails a day with requests to post.

We have never exacted payment for our posting time or work editing and rewriting the posts. We often get hostile emails from people who are upset because we have not yet go to their email yet and we rarely get thank you’s from anyone. We don’t particularly mind, however we do know now that our hard work has paid off.

We don’t publish flatline rag type news and we focus as much as we can on topical issues. Because we love entertainment, media and all things creative, we also post a lot of stuff about that too.

We hope you agree with us that 5 years is a long time to deliver missions of mercy and that we deserve to cover our overheads a little.