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KonkNaija Media | May 5, 2016

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Sunrise Daily Puts Obafaiye Shem On The (ahem!) Steam Seat

Sunrise Daily Puts Obafaiye Shem On The (ahem!) Steam Seat

| On 09, Mar 2013

The Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) Obafaiye Shem has said that he has never visited his organisation’s website.


Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Mr Shem said the website opened by impostors to defraud unsuspecting job seekers would be automatically closed.



In what appeared to be a rather embarrasing exchange, Mr Shem at one point said ‘you see I cannot categorically tell you one now, because the one we are going to use is not the one I may tell you, you see the one we are going to use it going to be made known by my ‘oga’ at the top and if I announce one now and my oga says it is another one’


Asked to mention the NSCDC’s web address, Mr Shem said “I cannot categorically tell you one now.” Probed further to name the organisation’s website, the commandant said the address is: www.nscdc


A Channels Television’s reporter checked the web address and noticed that it was incorrect. Further search on the internet showed that the correct web address for the Civil Defence Corp is


I daresay,…Mr Shen is not the press officer for NSCDC but as a high ranking officer, he really should not have simply ironed his shirt and allowed his face to be powdered for a television show, he should have determined the subject of his on air presence and enlightened himself. He should have been prepared to answer questions that for the better part focussed on online scams by telling us the NSCDC’s twitter, facebook, pinterest, blog and website or at least the very least the website.

On the other hand, I recall that it was recently announced that all government websites are being streamlined, or is that limited to the civil service. Mr Shen is also an onground Officer and not a corporate officer as such and perhaps his ‘oga’ should have been the one in the blazing hot seat.


Well….what can we say ‘oga’ at the top decides what happens ….ouch