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KonkNaija Media | May 3, 2016

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A few years back, American Embassy in Nigeria predicted that Nigeria may break up by 2015 and most of our leaders went gaga.

It is not yet 2015, and the prediction is almost coming to pass in our hearts. Wake up and see how some elders are already reaping us apart behind geographical and tribal walls using their greed and political ambition.

Nobody is talking about Farouk’s bribe scandal and Fuel subsidy scam slow judicial process even with glaring evidence and culprits. The fight against corruption is almost dying down. And all we care about and channel our strength and resources now is choosing a leader base on geography and not merit.

Samora Machel, the first president of independent Mozambique (1975 – 1986) said that the biggest problem that affects Africa is not poverty, diseases, corruption nor education but TRIBALISM.


If everyday Nigerian Leaders fight over the tribe or religion etc that will rule Nigeria rather than we all being Nigerians. If they fight, blackmail, assassinate, insult one another publicly and in the media just because of power.

If they do not see us as Nigerians then I wonder if truly; Nigeria will not disintegrate or there won’t be a Revolution very soon.

Obama as a Kenyan wouldn’t have risen to become the President of USA if they saw everyone as unequal.

We sing our National Anthem but not at heart. That anthem and pledge is an oath to God and Country. We have long broken the oath.

Someone very close but now late once said; The “White” on Our National Flag denotes Peace but I hope and wish it has a RED dot (similar to the Japanese Flag) because our actions since 1960 till date had stained that “White”. The Red should denote the blood of the innocent masses who had been killed by poverty, unemployment, power tussle by greedy politicians, insecurity, Corruption and many more due to the WAR WITHIN”

But I remain hopeful when I place my right hand on my chest, look up into the Heavens and say;

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful, Loyal and Honest
To serve Nigeria with all my Strength
To defend her Unity
And uphold her Honour and glory
So help me God