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KonkNaija Media | May 5, 2016

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Jaynaize On The Hotseat

Jaynaize On The Hotseat

| On 04, Mar 2013

Its starting to warm up slowly in Europe so it was absolute fun and an honour to meet with Stevie, aka Jaynaize in Madrid on my Euro globetrot and to get to grab a five minute break over some green tea to have a chat, here’s what he had to say.


Who Are You And  Where Are You Based?

My real name is Stephen Ohiomokhai, a cool, dynamic and versatile bad sharp guy. But people call me Jay Naize cos thats my artistic name.I am from Edo State, Nigeria and right now i’m based in Madrid, Spain.

What  Do You Do, How Would You Describe Your Presence In The Industry, Whats Your Mission?

I do music, I am a singer/rapper. I think my presence in the industry….hmmmm.. i will describe it as a great thing. One thing about me is i don’t like to be a copy cat.I love unique things and I always try to stay unique which is a great thing for my fans.
My mission is to come take over..Blast everything gbogboni..haaa!! you know na. I want to leave a mark that others can emulate.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

Officially i have been doing this for 3 years. I recorded some stuff in the past but it was just a navigating the learning curve, finding my niche, choosing my stuff that sort of feeling around the industry for a good pitch like normal upcoming artists do.

Notable Moments In Your Career?

Hmmmmmm…lemme think..Yeah i got notable moments. My first notable moment was when i was called up in a show and I was actually paid. As a normal upcoming artist, when the promoters called me for the show, I didn’t charge them cos I was even happy they called me up for a show. But after the show, the guys offered me an envelope containing some money including the money I was sprayed on stage. It was a surprise and I felt great!!
Secondly I had a wonderful moment when I received an email from a South African radio presenter that my latest single ”Follow Follow” has been on the airplays and that people are loving it. It was a great news and i felt very happy that day. I also woke up one morning to check Youtube and found out that my new Single ”Follow Follow” hit more than 50 thousand audio views in less than two weeks of it release. It boosted my morale!!

What’s The Best And Worst Part Of What You Do?

The best part of what i do is that it gives me good feelings and an opportunity to express myself to the people, the way fans react to me when am on stage..They show me much love any time i step out. I feel like my dreams are finally coming true and I’m loving it.
The worst part of it is that you have to work your a**s almost to death to get there. Its not a one day job.Too many obstacles on the way. If you are not strong enough you will give up.

A Little About You?

Well, i am a cool guy, humble and Godfearing, I love real things and thats why i always try to keep it real. I always try to be friendly and happy with people no matter what the situation may be. I’m just a cool brother, so see me as your brother.

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

I see my self on top of this industry controlling things 10 years from now in the sense of making good albums, setting up my record label that will sign more talented upcoming artists. I really want to give back to the community cos I know the struggles and I will use the opportunity to help out.

What Do You Do For Fun, Relaxing or Chilling Out?

In my spare time, I read books, watch movies or soccer, I go out and chill with my friends and sometimes I party at weekends..

What Advice Do You Have For Others Inspired By You?

My advise for them is ”they shouldn’t give up on whatever they do. When you fall once, get up and fight back to stand firm. No matter the rain, the sun is always going to shine.

Message For Your Fans, Haters,Critics?

To my fans please keep believing in me cos i will never let you all down..Without you all am nothing. To my haters abeg keep hating, your hatreds and critics make me stronger and better.. hahahaha!

Your Website, Facebookpage, Twitter handle and Links to Your stuff

My official website is coming soon

Find me on

Twitter| @jaynaize

Facebook| and at

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