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KonkNaija Media | May 3, 2016

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Trending #Video: APC Thumb Boko Haram #CrushBH

Trending #Video: APC Thumb Boko Haram #CrushBH

| On 11, Mar 2015

The power to stop Boko Haram is in your hands. VOTE APC for change.

“I worked in North East Nigeria 30 years ago for four years mapping 49,000 square miles of the North East from Kano to the Cameroon border. I’ve been in every corner of that country. The Sambisa forest where Boko Haram is supposedly hiding is not a forest like you might think of it. The trees are quite a distance from each other. There’s not much cover for trucks and equipment. Take a look on Google Earth, there are cattle trails everywhere. Trucks would leave tracks . A drone would find those guys in a day. So I ask you this. How do you supply food for several hundred people or more in area like this without getting noticed? Only the larger villages and towns have a daily market. Most villages have one market day a week. Do you think people wouldn’t notice someone buying food enough for hundreds of people? I believe that the Nigerian army is deliberately avoiding Boko Haram for whatever reason. Also, how did Boko Haram get all this equipment across the desert. They must have had logistical help for food and fuel”. – Robert Hood (Via Youtube)

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