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KonkNaija Media | May 3, 2016

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I’m Afraid To Live With A Man Again – Ara Reveals

I’m Afraid To Live With A Man Again – Ara Reveals

| On 05, Sep 2013

Ara is Nigeria’s female talking drummer. She and her former husband went their separate ways 3 years after getting married, when their marriage didn’t work out.

Her then husband maltreated her, and she later discovered he had another marriage aside theirs. Here is what she said about marrying again.

I have someone i have a strong feeling for but i guess my fear of commitment has kept me from going further. I am going through counselling now, but i am afraid to live with a man again.

I want to love again, i want to have more children but my fear is still there. My marriage didn’t pack up because of another woman. No, it is much deeper than that for me.

I believe a man is capable of sharing his affection. after all, most of us come from a polygamous setting. having more than one wife does not stop you from being happy, the tendency of getting violent will not even be there. it has not been easy but i don’t want to make another mistake.

Then people will say she is the one that has the problem. i want to get married but i am being careful. I want to love again, share and care but i have to be careful. there is no age you cannot find love. For now, i am in a relationship.

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