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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Late Goldie’s family wants her best friend Denrele interrogated by the police

Late Goldie’s family wants her best friend Denrele interrogated by the police

| On 23, Feb 2013


The last public appearance the late Goldie Harvey made was on the red carpet of the 55th Grammy Awards in the USA where she appeared as a woman full of life.

Her death four days later on Valentine’s Day came as a huge shock to fans, friends and family. Her demise evoked an eruption of mixed feeling as many haters took to the social media to further heckle the soul of the deceased. In the wake of the Valentine Day tragedy, with many naming the day ‘black valentine’ several varying reports and rumours began to emerge: drugs, hedonism, a little-known marriage, and husband-snatching allegations.

Goldie’s untimely death stirred a storm of controversies that cannot simply be wished away. The big question revolves around her marriage. Before her death, if you’d ask showbiz followers about Goldie’s marital status, two out of three responses would be “single.”

Many fans had absolutely no idea of her marital status.
Goldie it appears managed to keep her public startlet life separate and distinct from her personal life and indeed if the photos releases by her husband after her death were anything to go by, she had a staunch and very devoted and supportive family who helped her keep her private life private remarkably well.
It hardly occurred to anyone outside her close circle that the Harvey surname she was bearing was not a stage but her marriage name. Indeed, the whispers about her and Skibobo a nigerian Artiste created a cloud of confusion about her marital status.
During press conferences, questions about her marital status were curtly cut off. On Facebook, Goldie’s marital status was inconclusive. “Single” but not searching and an occasional vague affirmation that she was “in a relationship,” was all Goldie offered as explanation for her marital status.
Many did not know Goldie was married to Mr Andrew Harvey, a Briton who broke his silence to quell the negative and rather alarming gossip about her extracurricular relations and private life after her death.
He also publicly shared several images of their wedding and personal life.
At the BBA Stargame, Goldie was viewed through the lens of a single girl. Goldie took a very brave and daring step participating in this controversial television program and indeed brows have been raised in the wake of her husband’s public declarations after her death on the morality and suitability of her taking part in the show.

A few critics have spoken on how they wonder, where was Mr. Andrew Harvey when Goldie was gallivanting with Prezzo? A married Goldie flirted and got cosy with Prezzo, going as far as kissing him. For a married woman, that was so un-African.

Even outside the BBA, her love chess with Prezzo continued. There were strong indications that at the time of her death, the Nigerian pop diva and the Kenyan rapper were still love interests.
Without prying it would be difficult to identify the depth and or circumstances of her marriage status quo, however from the images that Mr Harvey released, both his parents and hers were aware and participated in the picturesque wedding. This has not stopped many in the entertainment industry from drumming up major connotations of a marriage not quite made in heaven.

Mr Harvey rather sensibly has not joined the circus and indeed we must admit that in the tough industry of entertainment, Goldie may simply like many professional peers in the west have seized an opportunity to rise to fame and grabbed it.

She went on to receive a lot of acclaim for her presence in the Big Brother show and was also a named Nigerian youth ambassador with a role of improving the Nigerian profile abroad, which she performed and took on well.
At present the stories of the last hours of her life are quite sketchy and refer to Denrele Edun who must be feeling the heat at the moment if someone else’s wife died ‘in his arms’.
There have been many rather gauche comments citing drug use and a headache and not much more.
Frankly, we don’t really have a right to know, her family do, and her close friends. Fans may want to know, but at the same time; shocked as we may be by her passing as fans and industry peers, we cannot disregard her family’s personal preferences.
We here at Konknaija remember vividly the passing of Amy Winehouse who spent most of the years preceding her sudden death in a drunken and drug induced stupor and recall commiserating on how these toxic substances were drugs of choice by those who sought escapism as opposed to confidence and sympathised with the young lady and her life which was captured by camera men on a daily basis for tabloids.
It was no surprise her family barred everyone from her funeral at all.
Although it is obvious Goldie had a  close relationship with Denrele Edun eclectic and excitable channel o presenter who was also her business partner but it would be foolhardy to speculate on his role in the tragedy at hand.
At the same time, we all know Denrele swings the other way which is not illegal, so that he was with her shortly after her arrival from the USA shows little more than a regular close relationships where they got together to chinwag and share the latest news.
We can’t speculate more as her family prepare for her funeral and won’t be surprised if they ask for a private funeral and bar anyone other than family because truth be said, its not a circus, a young lady had died.
We are told that autopsy reports revealed hypertension and note that for an educated mind, this could likely have been due to long haul travelling and is common and it is possible that she developed DVT as well due to an increase or decrease in her blood pressure which is a common side effect of long haul travel which reduces the flow and circulation of blood in the body.
There are many fans who want to know how, why, when, what, who and more and who are braying for the police to investigate and for her family members to demand an enquiry, however, we must be a bit realistic, people die every day in Nigeria, children, teenagers and more, it was just what it is, God called her to rest.
Konknaija here on viewing images of her over the years do notice that she had a very pale pallor to her and may actually have had a blood disorder or indeed been sickly in life, we will never know and we don’t really want to know, we just want her to rest in peace.
An insider, who spoke with us recently, said the family of Goldie wants the Police to invite Denrele, for questioning, since he claimed that their hale and hearty daughter died in his arms. “This I can tell you is the family’s position’s. They want Denrele to tell them and the world the circumstances that led to Goldie’s death”, disclosed this insider who does not want his name in print.
Well….. lets hope her funeral does not turn into a gossip column drama, we still recall the tweets and posts and broadcasts of hate and abuse focused at Linda Ikeji when she announced Goldie had died which we admit was in bad taste as Goldie had a press team and family and trully that was their job, but for a moment there we thought Linda would acquire most hated e-rag columnist just like GEJ did over the subsidy saga, however she did publish the truth, just a bit to ‘abebelube’ for her calibre.
In fact in case no one has noticed, with all the top notch media and manager and producer and label ‘moguls’ dashing around, no one has placed any appropriate update on her official website or used it to channel the frenzy of questions and blabbing into a cohesive and calm, orderly and dignified affair. But we are not erm….insulting anyone at all oh!
Our condolences, and our hearts go to her family and we pray for comfort and peace for them and mercy on us who remain as preparations are made to lay her to rest. What we are sure of is another gem is lost and irreplacable to many and indeed its a head scratching affair, unexpected and sudden and indeed premature. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.-KonkNaijaMedia
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