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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Nigerian Federal Government Announces Launch Of New e-Portal in March

Nigerian Federal Government Announces Launch Of New e-Portal in March

| On 24, Feb 2013

In a landmark bid to move ahead and keep with the times and to exemplify excellence in service and service delivery, Mrs Omobola Johnson Minister for of Communication Technology has announced whilst delivering a lecture at Social Media Week in Lagos on 22nd February.

The plans spearheaded by the Ministry for Communication Technology involves rolling out a unified  access portal to Federal Government Information and Business Services through a single web portal amidst criticisms of poor service levels from Nigerian government departments because their websites are not being maintained or updated sufficiently

Mrs Omobola disclosed the plans whilst giving a talk entitled ‘Showcase: Technology in Governance’ and she also reported on the emphasis and effort being put into motion by the Federal Government of Nigeria to advance toward e-governance readiness.

The plans to unveil the portal in March tie in with the Governments plans to unify and increase cohesion between government ministries and departments with mission use the e-portal to interconnect all government websites by 2014.

As part of the plans being rolled out, a Call Centre Service will be put in place to coincide with the launch with an easy to remember and use number 0700CALLGOV which will run on the platform to assist with facilitation of enquiries, complaints, problem and issue resolution and to gain insights and feedback with which to build a knowledge management database which will help support servicom desks.

Whilst creating new jobs which will be a positive step to the nation’s high unemployment rates, the decision to set up an e portal is also a huge step toward modernisation and streamlining of Government services and presenting the public at home and abroad with clear, easy to understand guidelines and information that is up to date and relevant with ease.

The minister also highlighted that the e-portal is expected to increase transparency, tame corruption, resolve issues with service delivery to the public, reduce costs of service delivery brought about by improper service level delivery and increase transparency and to eliminate bogus web addresses parading as government websites by listing direct links to all the government microsites direct from the e-portal.


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