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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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DJ Gunz On The Hotseat

DJ Gunz On The Hotseat

| On 25, Feb 2013

We tripped down to sunny bustling Enugu and spent 5 mins with DJ Gunz.  It was a pleasant time; here’s what DJ Gunz; Uche Nwachukwu had to say:

Who Are You And  Where Are You Based?

My name is Nwachukwu Uche Godwin, I am a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering, am a DJ, Artiste Manager, PR person, Music consultant, Music critic and Promoter. I am based in Nigeria.. Am quite a mobile DJ/person, so I travel a lot for Gigs but am based in Enugu state..

What  Do You Do, How Would You Describe Your Presence In The Industry, Whats Your Mission?

I am a DJ, I play anywhere, shows, party’s,club’s,weddings etc, and I Promote good and upcoming artists, presently, I can say am doing fine in the industry, and my presence is being felt, both in the eastern industry and in the whole nigeria industry, I am comfortable in extending to say I am relevant, everyday of my life, I am busy pushing an artist, pushing good music and representing my industry and it gives me joy to see that most of the artists are doing very very fine… It gives a sense of satisfaction,
My mission is to Bring up as many unknown artist to the limelight as I can, and to an extent, I can say we getting there.. #irep good music

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

Haven’t been around long, been doing this since late 2003(9yrs) and it has been blessings all through lots of artist have gotten limelight because we believed in them, and pushed them, some have grown so Big just I didn’t give up on them when they were small, so its been good…

Notable Moments In Your Career?

Everyday I watch some of the artists on TV, it gives me joy…. Can’t talk about a particular show I went to, and maybe met somebody big as a notable moment because everyday of my life is a blessing, like the first time I played all through to the end of a party, and it was obvious I killed it, felt like the best day of my life, and when I go out and people you really don’t know, greet you warmly even when you are sure you don’t deserve such respect from people, because you can’t say for certain what it is you have done to deserve such respect and recognition, those times are like the high point, makes you feel relevant, humbled and honoured.

What’s The Best And Worst Part Of What You Do?

The best part is definitely when you receive appreciation from people, and you are been recognised  wherever you go to, when you can actually proudly tell somebody your name, and be sure he somehow have heard of you and is pleased to meet you, those are the times you will feel like giving out more,

And the worst times, to me is those times where you trying to maintain a low profile and somebody just screams your name from afar.. And races to you to greet, these are the moments when you wish nobody knows you, and wish you could wave a wand and just disappear lol..

A Little About You?

A little about me? My name is Nwachukwu Uche Godwin Shima-aoodon, the name GUNZ(S) is the acronym of my name, started answering that name since secondary school days, am the first son in a family of 4boys, dad died when I was 14, and since then it has been about the music, I  am a graduate though, *(music put me through school) and I can say that am a relatively nice guy, quite considerate, I laze around sometimes, but I am very hard working when I am motivated to, I am result oriented, but believe in relationship’s and believe in being friends with everybody. Life is too short to start considering people as your enemy, so I try as much as possible, keep everybody as a friend no matter how Big or small they think they are, am sure I Have the Biggest heart :D .. Lol

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

Where do u see urself in 10 yrs,…..hmnnn in 10yrs, I will have more good artist’s under my entertainment outfit, that is something I am 100% committed to.  I will have lots of enterprises that brings money for me, would have dropped lots of mixtapes, and everybody around me now, would have been big and doing fine in the industry, in 10yrs I will probably be a dad to some kids and be a family man as well and their upbringing would also be a priority, and I will still be one of the most sought after Disc jockey’s in the world.. Anyway let’s watch and see how it goes ;)

What Do You Do For Fun, Relaxing or Chillling Out?

Luckily for me, working in entertainment means I can be relaxing and working at the same time, because when I need to relax, I just lie down and listen to music, when am out, I like playing pool, I can play soccer on a play station for 2days.. Lol.. And I like watching movies, I can also laugh for days…

What Advice Do You Have For Others Inspired By You?

If you have an idea or project go ahead and try it, if you wait for everything to fall into place before you try, you might  end up never doing what you have in mind, I came from a home where having nothing was the usual, and from having nothing, we created something, people will support you, if they notice how zealous you are about your dreams.. Be happy always, there’s nothing more lifting than a cheerful heart, if you always smiling, people will always want to hang with you…

Message For Your Fans, Haters,Critics?

Message to my fans because I believe even your hater is a fan who refuses to accept he/she likes you a lot, so my advice for y’all , is just to keep your head high, train yourself, to be able to accept things as they come, there’s always a lesson to learn in every event, bad things don’t just happen, always focus on how they can turn out to work for your good, just look for the good side of everything, and you will lead a very happy life, play a lot, love a lot, laugh a lot, and try out new things, whenever you are inspired to do something go ahead and do it, don’t listen to people who reminds you of your limitations, failures, shortcomings and who thrive on focussing on your negatives, look for and spend time with people who will bring out the best in you,  if you fail try again, the difference between 2 people is how they view life, be an optimistic person, and you must grow, look for the lesson in every failure, you won’t fail for long..

Your Website, Facebookpage, Twitter handle and Links to Your stuff

I am exclusive official DJ for Mizsunshine (dot)com which is owned by a friend of mine and you can find me on facebook at and, I am aso on Twitter @djgunz9ja

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