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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Chocolate City’s First Lady On The Block – Victoria Kimani

Chocolate City’s First Lady On The Block – Victoria Kimani

Hats off to Chocolate City’s first Lady Victoria Kimani who has been breaking new grounds with her sexy sound of music. Born in Los Angeles, California, Victoria Kimani is a young superstar on the rise. Music has always been a part of Victoria’s family, her dad used to be a guitarist back in the day ‘I always loved music, mainly gospel and how they would express their love through their vocals…. my father was a guitarist so there was always music in the house’. VK as she is fondly called by her fans has always been in love with music and even started to write, record and perform some of her music at the age of 16. “I knew I wanted to be a singer when I was around 14″ says Victoria. ” My dad heard me singing while I was busy washing the dishes and said WOW you have got a beautiful voice… that made me nervous, that I could sing well enough for him to say something“. As she grew older, so did her sound, and over the next couple of years she travelled between Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and London working with a few top artists and producers including Chris Brown, Diggy Simmons and Timberland among others. “I have always moved around because of my music,” Victoria Kimani tells us via Skype. “I don’t believe staying in one place permanently, allows any one to grow especially in this field.” Her words are so true and understandable. During her few years in the game, she has released a few singles including Africa I Love You, Baby you (Oleku Remix), ShinShin feat Ron Browz & Busta Rhymes, Betta, Ayaya (released on BBC 1xtra), A.G.I.A, and her latest music video M’Toto.

Watch the video M’Toto on YouTube Below
In 2010, she performed a cover of Ice Prince’s hit single OLEKU and from this caught the attention of Chocolate City executives. By the end of 2012, Victoria was signed on as Chocolate City Kenya’s first lady and has since been relocated to Kenya where she is originally from.

Her latest single is titled ‘WHOA’ – an infectious Reggae,
R & B – Pop track produced by the talented Kid Konnect

When asked what inspires her music, Victoria Kimani says ‘Life experiences, both personal and others around me, Love, or the idea of it, Parties, troubles, anything and everything inspires my music.’ Presently, VK is planning to release more singles but is hoping to work with other top international artists including Wande Coal ‘I would love to work with Wande Coal (in Africa) and Jay Z or Damian Marley Internationally, they are all super talented and I respect their sound of music’.

Kenya is booming with an amazing generation of musical talents. From STL, Wyre, CAMP Mulla and others, Victoria Kimani is definitely a name to watch this 2013. Her music, her message and her growing and loveable personality are all as real as it gets right now in the industry. “Life is too important to be taken seriously …….. My Dad always says this…Before, I used to think it was ridiculous ..but now that I’m grown up, it makes total sense.”

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