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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Burkina Faso: and a Nation woke up to end 27yrs of poverty and misrule – a Nigerian nightmare #BlackSpring

Burkina Faso: and a Nation woke up to end 27yrs of poverty and misrule – a Nigerian nightmare #BlackSpring

| On 01, Nov 2014

Gradually and gradually; they all are digging their graves.

For those who are not digging – the lions and crocodiles are waiting.

It might have taken Burkina Faso 27yrs…….. Be it #‎BlackSpring‬ or #‎ArabSpring‬ —— Nigeria also will be shut down someday like it was a “rapture”.

Burkina Faso youths vs Soldiers. They went, saw and conquered.

Burkina Faso youths vs Soldiers. They went, saw and conquered.

We spend our lives playing politics with the future of a Nation, a people and generations unborn.

The labour of our heroes past is in vain while corpses of Nigerians and maybe non-citizens litter the roads of Mubi, Adamawa State while the flag of insurgent flies freely overlooking the Mubi landscape.

Our military; the strongest, fearless, fierce and dreaded on the continent turned to “Boys Scouts” by politicians overnight. Where is the Nigerian Military of ECOMOG era who fought for peace in West Africa and all over the world?

Now the video of Shekau rules the international  media and social networks. He claimed the abducted Chibok girls are gone for life and married as Muslims to insurgent. Our Government had failed us and failed our generations. Our government had failed the world and humanity.

Alas, who cares anyway if the girls are not back no more; we only pray they are safe and sound and won’t be hurt but what about hundreds abducted after them since April 2014?

What about those killed by Bomb blast before and after April 2014 and even till date? Who brings them back? Not even our irresponsible government can bring them back but surely God Almighty will make them live freely in Heaven while their families watch and endure the brutality of life as Nigerians.

Nigerian citizens knows no peace, bombs shatters the souls of citizens from Borno to Kano to Adamawa to Yobe to Abuja and others……..yet some moneybags gathered as politicians say they belong to political parties such as PDP, APC, LP and whatever! My message to everyone of you; you all are a bunch of disgrace to Nigeria and our heroes who fought for our Independence as a people. You all are a disgrace to our leaders who gave you free education with cocoa proceeds and made you who you had become only to enrich yourselves with our common wealth and cause us pain.

So many of you endorsed Late General Sani Abacha unanimously in your parties (about five political parties) way back to rule us for life. You were the ones in his government who advised him daily on the economy and on what to do in order to enrich yourselves and yet painted him as a devil until his demise.

Whatever happened to Late Abacha that he died suddenly without notice and made his ruling Nigeria for life was also never behind your backs. You (Nigerian Politicians) have sold your hearts to the devil and sold Nigeria to yourselves.

Who cares about Muhammadu Buhari or Goodluck Jonathan as President come 2015? You can slug it out and do whatever you want to yourselves. We the masses are indifferent as birds of same feathers…………flocks together.

Nigeria; a Nation that has lost the true essence of human existence. Just sit and think, just look at events in the nation today. Just take a time out and look at the living standards of your people. Poverty!! Written all over their faces

Poverty is being used by politicians to cajole the masses. Poverty also being used by religious leaders to brain wash the masses while they swim in affluence and luxury. The religious leaders rather than fight for a better Nigeria like their counterparts in the USA and other Nations will rather dine with politicians. So sad, the congregation are also very “un-enlightened”, hopeless and hungry.

The lions and Crocodiles are waiting to chew on your bones and flesh…………it may not be today but surely they won’t go into extinction before that day.

Burkina Faso never knew 2014 will be their year. South Africa never knew their year too. Even Ghana never knew their year also…………so also you and Nigerians will never know when it will be your year.

You can take this to the bank. Who cares anymore; Nigerian youths don’t care though. A completely dumb generation in the age of smartphones. Do I blame the youths? Not as long as they are comfortable being jobless and writing recruitment tests sitting under the sun and on the grass in stadia across the nation or being paid less than N100,000 monthly as graduates. Even the enterpreneurs or SMEs spend more on power, and will hardly breakeven in 20 years (large corporations also sweat it out to break-even;nothing works out here no more but greed and deceit).

Do I blame Nigerian youths? Not as long as we all have them as musicians, dancers in the name of becoming celebrities and on red carpets while they can’t even afford life’s utmost comfort or education. How many of these celebrities completed high school or their tertiary education? Not as long as they are okay dancing “shoki”, “etighi” etc and watching reality TV programmes. While the lucky few are also deceived with mouth watering millions of naira as endorsements by corporate organisations struggling to remain relevant.

Reality check; Life must go on regardless the storm. Life will surely go on but someday – we will have a pause and rewind but until that day;

Change commeth only to the enlightened – and being educated doesn’t make you enlightened.

We (Nigerians) shall rise again………….