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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Political Propaganda, Lies and Defamation of Character on AIT Television & NTA Documentary against Buhari

Political Propaganda, Lies and Defamation of Character on AIT Television & NTA Documentary against Buhari

| On 28, Jan 2015

The documentary titled; THE MAN BUHARI (THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK) was aired on Daar Communication’s Africa Independent Television (AIT) owned by Dr. Raymond Dokpesi. The same documentary was also aired on Nigeria Television Authority (Nigeria’s National Network TV).

The documentary portrayed Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (now retired) who was a one time Nigeria  Military Head Of State as a tyrant and dictator. However, we can recall that AIT Television was bankrupt around year 2000/2001 and the Nigerian masses had to donate as low as N50 for the survival of Daar Communication (Owners of Raypower Radio and AIT Television).

Immediately after the documentary AIT put up an online poll to determine the strongest candidate for the 2015 Presidential Election between Buhari and incumbent Goodluck Jonathan and aspirants but to everyone;s surprise; Buhari regardless of the documentary pulled a whooping 60% PLUS VOTES.


Concerns on the documentary:


1. Fela never mentioned Buhari’s name in the $ 2.8bn issue. He mentioned OBJ. The documentarians cut that part off, said it was GMB

2. Buhari did not expel Ghana from Nigeria, Shehu Shagari Did.

3. The issue of Gloria Okon disappearing under GMB is also a Bloody lie. Gloria disappeared under IBB (Dele Giwa died for it)

4. What has the death of 2 of Buhari’s daughters got to do with a documentary of Buhari’s ability to rule?

5. Fela’s mum died after Kalakuta republic was attacked by Obasanjo’s govt in 1978. GMB didnt come into power until 1984

Nigerians need to know the truth, this is certainly not the way to (PDP gimmicks and Propaganda strategy). They will only suceed if you allow them to play on you ignorance, get over the internet and verify this accusations atleast the internet never lies…lets get the facts from an unbias source (google)

Ever since the redoubtable Gen. Muhammadu Buhari indicated interest in the ensuing presidential race, the rank and file of the PDP has been ill at ease to handle his challenge. They have been worried, distracted and disoriented on how to handle the Buhari challenge especially with the manifest failures and disappointments Nigerians have experienced in the hands of the party for the past fifteen years.


They leave nobody in doubt that Buhari is their biggest headache, their gargantuan problem, their unrestrained nightmare and the tsetse fly perched so inscrutably on their scrotum. They say it, even when they struggle to pretend otherwise. They sing it, they breathe it, they drink it and they ooze it from all pores.

With his emergence in a very spectacular APC presidential primary in Lagos, there is no doubt that the fear of Buhari has become the beginning of wisdom for all members, supporters and enablers of the PDP.

POLITICS should not make us lose our values as a NATION.. Let’s our campaigns be issue based…rather than propaganda of hates and gimmicks PDP preach all over our media house, we will remain civil, we will not bow down to same approach with PDP, our weapon is our vote and we will fight with it until the last blood in our veins.

Like this if you are with us and unlike if not, which ever way you go we respect your views and belief why.