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KonkNaija Media | May 9, 2016

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6 reasons nice guys lose out on the hot Girls

6 reasons nice guys lose out on the hot Girls

| On 03, Sep 2013

If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the nice guys am talking to. After all, why would you read this if it does not affect you personally. This article is for you guys who were brought up in a well cultured environment and taught that women adore guys like you.
But look around you today, nice guys always lose out on the hot girls because of the following reasons:

1. Because you’re too nice

Have you ever come across a woman who turned down a guy because he was too confident, too passionate, or too exciting? Probably not! On the other hand, you’re sure to have come across some beautiful lady who has turned down a perfectly nice chap because of the stock reason: “Oh, he’s such a nice guy. He’s really sweet but he’s just too nice for me. Am not saying don’t be nice but let your Mr. Nice be to an extent.

2. Because Girls prefer to keep your type as friends

You hear words like “He’s such a good guy — very kind; honest, nice, thoughtful, generous, loyal –but there’s no attraction. He just doesn’t turn me on. That spark is not there.” l like him but l don’t love him. Despite all you have done she still doesn’t feel your chemistry. You see, women like guys that define there mission from day one. Be bold and let your intentions be known. Even if she says no initially, trust me she only said that to buy sometime. If your intentions are not spelt out early and she starts seeing you more as friend than in a relationship you are screwed.

3. Because you are too caring

I want you to ask yourself this question: “Why does the guy who doesn’t appear to care as much about the girl get the girl?” You see the nice guy cares too much, too soon. He has made the woman too important and too valuable and it shows in everything he says and does. You have made yourself too available for her that she doesn’t value your time with her anymore, you are always willing to change your schedule to suit hers. Haba! If you sacrifice more than she does for you then you are screwed. For a relationship to last the guy starts the chasing while the lady sustains it.

4. Because they see you as a FOOL

You give too much without getting anything in return. In short, you are a fool. And you brought this upon yourself. After all, if you are already doing so much for her without even being seriously involved with her, why the heck would she need to value you? Giving too much, too soon is a recipe for disaster.

5. Because ladies wanna have mad fun

Girls just wanna have fun before marriage. They need to experience what every young adult goes through in a relationship before marriage. Girls would do anything to have a guy that would spoil them, take them on trips, adventures, parties and so on.

6. Because women like a real man
Ladies adore men that take control, make things happen,take the decisions, get the results e.t.c if you’re not that kind of person then am afraid she’d secretly want someone more worthy, more confident and more valuable. Someone she can be proud of. A real man. You can’t blame her, because it’s not her fault at all. It’s your fault.

Sooner or later she will find Someone that knows how to control, handle her properly, handle situations and decisions e.t.c

Last words

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s human nature. Once you become too bothered on the idea that you need someone, or you want it too badly, you forfeit your strength and lose all power of negotiation. You hand over the power. Someone else is in control of you, the situation, and decisions.

Adjust your way Mr.Nice guy and see the girls have a change of heart.