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KonkNaija Media | May 3, 2016

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Widow Bullied by a Nigerian Governor – CNN iReport

| On 29, Nov 2013

This can best be described as the most shocking remark made by a State Governor to a poor widow.

“You’re a widow, go and die!” That’s what Governor Adams Oshiomhole said to widow during a sanitation exercise of Benin City with some state officials recently. In a move that is bound to spark outrage and widespread condemnation, Nigeria’s once popular Labour leader – Mr. Adams Oshiomole – now the Governor of Edo State , publicly stripped a trader (name unknown) of her wares as she was allegedly hawking goods on the street.

In a bid to rid the streets of Edo of illicit trade, street hawking was recently outlawed. The woman knelt in front of Governor Oshiomole, crying and begging him not to seize her goods claiming to be a widow to a policeman when he retorted “You’re a widow, go and die!”.

The woman in question did not appear to have her rights read to her or be given subsequent advice on how to proceed legally with her claims.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country is rife with widespread reports of human rights abuses on a daily basis with the wealthy elite flexing their might unchecked by the government or the international community.

Watch Video below:


- What a political blunder by Governor Adams Oshiomhole!
Methink a summary on-the-sport fine would have sufficed here rather than confiscate a widow’s legitimate business.
But, this is Nigeria we are talking about ! -

- pls there is no way that woman could hawk all those items at once, probably she was transporting them home or something. and towards the end of the video i could still see a boy with a basin of sachet water on his head and one other probably hawking.
besides what have the governor done to alleviate poverty? those other nations you are talking about haven’t you seen how their system work? do their politicians loot money that is meant for the public? don’t they have systems that ensures the well being of the low-class citizens?
pls before you say or compare our government to that of any other nation pls you should know that THIS IS NIGERIA. with a very bad and corrupt government and leaves the people with no choice.
what he did is wrong, and trust the prayers of that poor widow, and other Nigerians like myself will have effect soon

- This man needs to be a little more self-conscious. I am one of those who defended him when he humiliated that unqualified primary school teacher but I’m starting to re-think my stance on the man. That said, Nigerians need to learn to obey laws. This situation came about as a result of people refusing to follow laws.

- omgggg #crying# God will not forgive uuuuuuuuu i swearrrr

- i cried seeing this video. the sad part is that everybody just watched and did nothing. this is the height of power abuse. anyhow this is what happens when you vote in a thug for a governor. he hires other thugs to oppress others. #iknowbecauseihavebeenavictimmyself . what a shame

- sooooo because you are a widow gives you extra balls to disobey the rules and regulations abi??? ignornace is not an excuse for disobedience n disregard for the government….no “i beg”

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