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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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#Videos: Africa 360 – Xenophobia in South Africa: myth or reality? | Julius Malema Blames Zuma And His Son

#Videos: Africa 360 – Xenophobia in South Africa: myth or reality? | Julius Malema Blames Zuma And His Son

| On 18, Apr 2015

According to Wikipedia:

Xenophobia is the unreasoned fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. Xenophobia can manifest itself in many ways involving the relations and perceptions of an ingroup towards an outgroup, including a fear of losing identity, suspicion of its activities, aggression, and desire to eliminate its presence to secure a presumed purity. Xenophobia can also be exhibited in the form of an “uncritical exaltation of another culture” in which a culture is ascribed “an unreal, stereotyped and exotic quality”.

Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action urges all governments to take immediate measures and to develop strong policies to prevent and combat all forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia or related intolerance, where necessary by enactment of appropriate legislation including penal measure.

Konk Naija Media stumbled on this video courtesy Africa 360; Xenophobia in South Africa: myth or reality?  and cant but share with you……….

Meanwhile, somewhere else in South Africa (The South African Parliament) Julius Malema blames the South African President Jacob Zuma and his son for the Xenophobia attacks.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia:

Julius Sello Malema (born 3 March 1981) is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party, which he founded in July 2013. He previously served as President of the African National Congress Youth League from 2008 to 2012. Malema was a member of the ANC until his expulsion from the party in April 2012. He occupies a notably controversial position in South African public and political life, having risen to prominence with his support for African National Congress president, and later President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. He has been described by both Zuma and the Premier of Limpopo Province as the “future leader” of South Africa. Less favourable portraits paint him as a “reckless populist” with the potential to destabilise South Africa and to spark racial conflict.

Malema was convicted of hate speech in March 2010 and again in September 2011. In November 2011 he was found guilty of sowing divisions within the ANC and, in conjunction with his two-year suspended sentence in May 2010, was suspended from the party for five years. In 2011, he was also convicted of hate speech after singing “Dubula iBunu” (“Shoot the Boer“). On 4 February 2012 the appeal committee of the African National Congress announced that it found no reason to “vary” a decision of the disciplinary committee taken in 2011, but did find evidence in aggravation of circumstances, leading them to impose the harsher sentence of expulsion from the ANC.

Watch video courtesy My Africa

Regardless of the situation and the heated arguments. The happenings in South Africa is worse than apartheid and genocide.

We all must come together and fight Xenophobia the same way we fought apartheid and got freedom. Law enforcement agencies in South Africa must arrest and prosecute rather than watch and laugh at people being killed.

Africa and the world must unite against Xenophobia and all those who either had killed or about to kill or caught killing or even utter such words on killing another human out there in South Africa must be arrested and prosecuted.