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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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SK Johnson: 3 reasons Beverly Osu will win #BBATheChase

SK Johnson: 3 reasons Beverly Osu will win #BBATheChase

| On 18, Aug 2013

Last week it was announced that Nigerian housemate Beverly Osu had made Big Brother Africa history by being the first housemate to never have been up for eviction. This was a surprise for me, a follower (albeit a casual one) of the show. I dismissed Beverly from the opening ceremony and thought so little of her through the run of the show (so far) that I didn’t even acknowledge whether or not she had been nominated or were still in the house or even alive at all. It was my opinion from the first day that she was a desperate, crass and overall uninteresting presence in the show, so you can imagine by how much surprise I was taken by this bit of news. Naturally, it brought to the front of my mind the realization that Beverly, painful as it is to admit it, could actually win this thing. Here’s 3 reasons why:

  1. The ‘entertainment’ factor.

After 8 seasons of this show, it’s pretty clear what Africans find ‘entertaining’. Regardless of whatever noise we make on social media, we’re watching the show for the kind of controversy and shame-free salaciousness which Ms. Osu brings by the bucket. From sharing information about abortions and domestic abuse like she’s talking about the weather, to twerking like a pro whenever the music allows her (and even when it doesn’t) and doing the nasty with a housemate, Beverly Osu is pure, vile, viewing pleasure.

2. The ‘relationship’ factor.

Relationship here should really read ‘sex’ because Africans – at least the ones who watch Big Brother – are suckers for watching people do the nasty in the house and now that Beverly’s hooked up with Angelo, it only adds to the odds of her making it to the end. Of course the fact that Angelo’s been kicked out might serve to discredit this quite a bit, but I’m firmly in the boat that Africa will leave her in, if only to hold out for more action between her and someone else, and satisfy its voyeuristic tendencies.

3. The Nigerian factor.

For whatever reason, Nigeria seems to have something of a stronghold on Big Brother Africa, with the country producing 3 of the winners so far – more than any single country throughout the 7 seasons of the show. If statistics are anything to go by, Ms. Osu has quite the fighting chance indeed.

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