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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Opinion: “We are Moslems and not terrorists” -[ by Kazeem Adebayo] #bringbackourgirls

Opinion: “We are Moslems and not terrorists” -[ by Kazeem Adebayo] #bringbackourgirls

| On 08, May 2014

“Salaam Aleikum to the muslims, this short write-up is borne out of necessity.

I’ve been extremely bothered about the silence of Muslims over the havoc Boko Haram is wrecking on our land. I watched Shekau’s video & my heart bled – for all the innocent lives lost, for our girls & most importantly for Islam.

Don’t we realize that this isn’t just an attack on Nigeria, but an attack on Islam? This retard kept saying ‘By Allah’, saying Allah commanded him to do all he’s doing, slandering and uttering blasphemous remarks all to perpetuate his evil intents. Very sad indeed.

The participation of Muslims in newspaper/online articles & comments aren’t encouraging. Turn on the TV & you would hardly find a Muslim saying anything about this. Is it shame, fear or ignorance?

Where are our Muslim leaders in all these? How many of us have joined any protest or been active in anyway in the #bringbackourgirls campaign? We just sit @ the corner of our homes & condemn? We should be the one leading the war against this murderers called Boko-whatever.

Bunch of hypocrites they are. Shaytan must be having a big laugh wherever he is! He is succeeding in rubbishing Islam in the face of the world & it seems we are letting him. I want to implore us all to please lend a voice, not just as individual, but as Muslims.

Let us use all peaceful platforms available to us to condemn this evil & uphold the religion of Allah as a peaceful one.

The people who say this is a religious war say so because they do not understand Islam & we do nothing to make them understand. Islam does not condone violence & the only way we can communicate this is to speak up.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “If one of you sees something wrong, let him change it with his hand; if he cannot, then with his tongue; if he cannot, then with his heart and this is the weakest faith.” Enough is enough! Please join this train & let’s get it moving.

May Allah help us all. Amin!”

(This write-up is in the words and of the opinion of writer; Kazeem Adebayo)

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