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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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“I can’t go back to my vommit…….”; Modenine Replies Ruggedman. @Ruggedybaba @Modenine

Nigeria's Veteraan Rapper  -Ruggedman

Nigeria’s Veteraan Rapper -Ruggedman

In a recent interview on radio in Abuja, Rugged Man did not mince words. He said 

“Mode 9 is not the only one that does the non-commercial kind of rap. Basically if you are an entertainer you can’t do music for yourself that’s why you are an entertainer.”

‘If people you are made to entertain are not entertained, you should do one of two things…get another job or adapt’

I’m not saying this to be funny or anything’. If something is not working anymore the least you can do is try and adopt to what’s up’

‘Even in America at a point it was all Eastside …then Westside, you can’t do anything about it, if you can’t shape up, you shape out’

Modenine in a telephone interview with Hip Hop world told us that he has no words for Rugged Man. According to him, he’s not even sure Rugged Man uttered those words but as for him he’s no dog and can’t go back to his vomit.

If we remember back in August 2008 when Modenine dropped the critical Hip Hop signature; I’m Talking to You’ in reference to RuggedyBaba. Modo as he’s fondly called says he’s done talking to Rugged Man and has said all he wants to say on the issue; telling us its only dogs that go back to their vomit.

Speaking on the controversial top 10 gifted list, he says I really don’t care about that if I’m no10 or no9 for me it’s just about making great music; though we must add at this juncture, that Modenine was no1 on the list.

On coming projects he said we should watch and see, telling us he has two collaborations coming up; one with a hot south African rapper and the other with a New York great.

Hip Hop World can authoritatively tell you that the New York feature is going to be done with Cannibus.

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