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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Hip Hop Facts: I thought you knew!!!! via @OnlyHipHopFacts

@rakimgodmc changed rap when he began writing metaphors and punchlines. before him it was just simple rhymes.

Nate Dogg is the son of a preacher. As a child, he began singing in his father’s church. His first church solo was at the age of four!

@LilKim was making $50,000 a show without an Album out back in ’98.

There was a Wu Tang video game on playstation one.

@S_C_ (Jay Z) once said @Beyonce is the best performer in the world. He has to say that unless he wants to sleep on the couch.

@Timbaland worked at @BurgerKing, @WinnDixie, and @redlobster when he was younger.

“Live Nigga Rap” was originally @MobbDeep’s record for Hell on Earth, but @Nas bought it from them so he could use it on It Was Written.

Will Smith turned down The Matrix to be in Wild Wild West

@SnoopDogg named The Chronic, @drdre didn’t start smoking weed until he met Snoop.

@kanyewest Has a metal plate in his chin from near fatal car accident,he was goin home from a studio session & fell asleep behind the wheel

@JColeNC went to college on a scholarship and graduated with honors.

@DMX has a scar on his left wrist from a fan trying to rip his watch off.

@TrinidadJamesGG can’t remember anything before age seven because of a head injury.

Tupac was listed as the most successful gangsta MC in the “Guinness Book of World Records.”

@50cent’s cartoon-like photo on the cover of “The Massacre” was meant to make him look like a Ninja Turtle, his son’s favorite cartoon.

@GhostfaceKillah and @methodman’s favorite cartoon is “Tom And Jerry”

@BustaRhymes “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” features a recreation of a scene from the 1988 Eddie Murphy film Coming to America.

@eltonjohndotcom helped @Eminem get off drugs.

Eminem made $29,000,000 in 2002 with The Eminem Show LP, as the CEO of Shady Records, and the Anger Managment Tour ’02.

@S_C_ (Jay Z) can freestyle and beatbox at the same time.

@RealWizKhalifa spends close to $10.000 a month on weed.

@RayJ is @SnoopDogg’s first cousin.

@Ludacris is the cousin of singer Monica Arnold and Katt Williams.

@kanyewest is Part-owner of a chain of Fatburger restaurants in Chicago.

Tupac and @triggertreach appeared in the @TheSaltNPepa video “Whatta Man” in 1993.

@NICKIMINAJ was born in Saint James, Trinidad, She lived there for 5 years with her Grandmother.

@thegame claimed he got 5000 pairs of sneakers, he had to move to a bigger house to store his million dollar collection.

@fucktyler (Tyler, The Creator) brushes his teeth in the morning shirtless with a chain on so he can feel like he made it in life

@Nas recorded “Ghetto Dreams” on a handheld mic rather than with a traditional studio booth set-up.

@DJWhooKid has performed for Nelson Mandela, the Prince of Monaco, Shiek of Bahrain and Michael Jackson.

@Drake’s song Marvin’s Room was named that because it was recorded in Marvin Gaye’s studio.

When you play multiplayer on Black Ops 1, you often hear someone telling you to reload to cover and so on, that’s the voice of @icecube

The first major record @johnlegend was on is “Everything is Everything” by @MsLaurynHill

@kendricklamar wasn’t supposed to rap on the BET cypher, he changed his mind once the cameras started rolling.

@Timbaland began to learn how to work as a DJ with just his left hand, he was paralyzed for about a year because he was shot.

@drdre heard @Eminem’s raps on a tape and didn’t realize he was white until he met him.

.@S_C_ (Jay Z) used to carry a gun in an empty VHS box in his hustling days.

@DJDRAMA decided to become a DJ in 1992, after he saw the DJ in the movie Juice.

@Key_Wane sold his first beat for $300 at 13.

@LilKim was Biggie’s girlfriend at the time of his death.

@funkmasterflex has been DJ-ing at local clubs since he was just 16.

@questlove taught @S_C_ how to memorize his songs for live shows by repeating them 18 times.

In the 8th grade @AstronomicalKid got suspended for 38 days for throwing a deck of cards at another kid.

.@iamdiddy never went to school for music production and doesn’t know how to play any instruments.

@Eminem can’t swim

At 10, @AaliyahHaughton appeared on #StarSearch. As a finalist, she chose to sing “My Funny Valentine” from the musical “Babes In Arms”

Outkast initially wanted to be called “2 Shades Deep” or “The Misfits”, but those names were already taken.

Outkast were booed when they won their 1995 Source Award for Best New Rap Group.

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