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KonkNaija Media | May 3, 2016

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Opinion: Nigerian Hip Hop artists do not Research before granting Interviews

| On 29, Aug 2013

Dizzy K. Falola

Dizzy K. Falola

Its funny how some artists feel they started Nigerian Hip Hop, R&B & Rap.

So, na wetin Dizzy K. Falola, Chris Okotie, Junior&Pretty, Felix Liberty, Jide Obi, Charly Boy and others dey sing in the 80′s?

- They never lip-sync or mime their songs on stage because they sweat it out and gave their fans the best of dance and moves on stage too. They sang in the mics LIVE and with LIVE bands. They were energetic!!!!

- They recorded with a live band in the studios.

- They were very humble even in success

- They will and can play at least one music instrument; piano, guitar, drums, flute, Saxophone etc.

- Some of them even wrote music (not lyrics). “I believe those wey soji understand cus there is a lot of difference between; music & song”.

- They got style and represented their different brands. If you saw a Chris Okotie wanna-bee for example you’ll most definitely identify through dressing, voice or dance.

- They might not have the millions way back but they worth more than the millions today.

- These guys were performing artists.

What about the ladies? They were pure talents. They moved the stages and thrilled the crowd with their elegance and voice.

You wanna know more? Firstly, some Nigerian artists need research most times before they grant interviews.

There is more to MUSIC!!!!! Its not all about glossy music videos and others.

Can you perform “LIVE” to about 80,000 crowds if given that shot today? Forget about all those club performances singing to Dj’s beat and miming ur song. That’s pathetic!!

Even the Lil Waynes, JZs, Kendrick Lamars, Asap Rockys, Beyonces and co perform live and to hundreds of thousands of crowds so why won’t you? Hehehe!! #JustAsking

Nigerian artists want to get rich quick but do not research. Some of them are just so lazy.

Did you know it took Beyoce over two months to get those two African guys who featured in RUN THE WORLD video? She had downloaded their dance years before.

She spent weeks with her crew trying to figure out a suitable dance for the song but to no avail.

Alas!!!!! She remembered that youtube video she downloaded years back and sent a search party immediately for those two guys.

Not only did she get them on the sets weeks later. She also danced that dance and the video was a success. That’s hardwork, that’s talent, that’s research, that’s music….

There is more to MUSIC. Nigerian Hip Hop Artists need up their game and stop chasing shadows. Event organisers needs artists who can perform LIVE to hundreds of crowds. Personally I believe if you mime on a stage you should be sued because that’s not what the audience paid for.

Event organisers also need play their parts by making sure the audience gets value for their money. If you can’t perform LIVE and you call yourself a professional musician in Nigeria today then you need get another job.

Its high time we stopped celebrating deceit and wack artists. We want pure entertainment and value for money at LIVE shows.