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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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2015: We’ll Fight Anyone Who Attempts To Sell North Out – Ango Abdullahi

2015: We’ll Fight Anyone Who Attempts To Sell North Out – Ango Abdullahi

| On 31, Dec 2013

The spokesman of Northern Elders Forum and former Vice Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Professor Ango Abdullahi, on Sunday said elders in the north have resolved to confront any person that attempts to deprive the region of its political and economic rights.

Abdullahi made this known while speaking at the 2nd annual general meeting of the Zazzau Emirate Development Association (ZEMDA).

He noted that the security challenges facing the North were caused by injustice, greed of politicians and uneven sharing of the nation’s resources.

“Statistics showed that in every five graduates, it is only one that would be employed in three years. Then you can calculate and see the danger. This is university only, not to talk of other tertiary institutions.

“Therefore, the major work in getting the solution to our problem lies with the government. I was reading the budgets that states began releasing. Bauchi people were celebrating that the state has proposed a budget of N139 billion but in the same day, I saw that Delta state alone has proposed a budget of N399 billion; three times the budget of Bauchi state. And Bauchi state is twice in population than Delta, and Bauchi territory is as big as South East states combined. How do you expect peace based on an uneven development in the country? It is not possible”, he said.

He added; “our present condition in this country is not ideal at all, and I am among those that caused it because ten of us formed this party called PDP. We have planned many ways on how this country would have peace, and among those things was this rotational presidency for everyone to have a sense of belonging.

“The greediest people that helped the collapse of that arrangement were northerners, and they are still there trying to cheat us again.

“These northerners are still alive but by Allah’s grace we are going to face them. These people are selling us for political appointment and Naira. White man has fought us with guns, and now they are trying to colonise us with Naira from the South. This would not be possible. We all want peaceful coexistence, but nobody can attain peace at my expense. We would not agree with that. Peace must be at the expense of everyone who is a stakeholder but not a one sided peace”, he maintained.

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