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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Waje Adopts Kenyan Baby Elephant

Waje Adopts Kenyan Baby Elephant

| On 07, Sep 2013

Nigerian Soul singer Waje’s love for wildlife seems unquenchable. The singer wowed her fans when she recently made a trip to Kenya to adopt a baby elephant!

She said that the mammal was a birthday gift from her friends in Nairobi. Waje didn’t get just the mammal, she also got a certificate as the adopted mother, and the right to carry it with her anywhere in the world.

This makes her the foster parent of Barsilinga, the name of her new pet, written on the certificate of ownership presented to her.

The songstress made the adoption from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust located at Bogan Gate, Magadi road, Nairobi Kenya.

Waje has been known to have soft spot for animals which makes her the fearless type when it comes to frolicking with animals known to scare most people.

And mostly as a pastime, the singer who is a pet freak usually makes out time to visit to zoos.

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