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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Video: Rev. Ejike Mbaka’s; “Two Branches” new year speech on Jonathan’s administration and hope for change

Video: Rev. Ejike Mbaka’s; “Two Branches” new year speech on Jonathan’s administration and hope for change

| On 04, Jan 2015

Martin Luther King had a dream and shared not because no other American never had that same dream but he shared that dream with generations. He died for the dream. But the dream came to pass. Everyone has his opinion and dream; its left to you to see it come to pass if only you BELIEVE.***

In the voice of Black Slaves during the slave trade era when they hunger and died for freedom; I sing — “We shall overcome……..”

I am so sure many of our compatriots’ home and abroad have seen enclosed video clip on Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbata…

I am also sure well meaning friends of Nigeria would have also seen it…

I know because I have obtained prompts from non-Nigerian brothers and sisters on my contact list from within Africa, Europe, The Far-East and the Americas …asking if the event truly took place on Nigerian soil?

I would ignore these inquiries for now and rather sound ‘self-centered’ here by putting up my own view as it affects me personally…. These muse affects all religions in Nigeria though, but charity for me should rightly begin at home.

First, Rev. Fr. Mbaka has rekindled my pride as a Christian.

Really, I asked myself so many times lately, is authentic Christianity, as handed to us by Jesus the Christ still available in Nigeria? Have the Houses of worship not been turned into a den of thieves?

Rev. Fr. Mbaka, by his message settled this for me courageously, succinctly, wholesomely and unprecedentedly.

Secondly, Rev. Fr. Mbaka has helped to remove the tar of hooliganism, mercantilism, selfishness, (buccaneers, murderers, carpetbaggers), bare-face thievery and subterfuge with which more than most Nigerian clergy, in very high places have been painted in the critical eyes of non-Christians in our country…

To my Non-Christian brothers and sisters reading these, yes, we sill have true Christians with high morals and credible spirituality in Nigeria whose conscience have not been bought over with filthy lucre.

That said, I ask: is Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s life safe in our polity today, given this naked truth said to power?

I pray for his holy life. I pray that the Lord of Hosts will deliver him from the nest of killers swarming our country.

I also pray that the ‘big toes’ he has stepped on, made up largely of so-called Christian leaders will have a change of heart, listen to his message, not begin another round of politricking, and heed!

The bloods of innocents are crying-out loudly from beneath our earth.

If you listen carefully, you will hear the groan and agony of spirits of innocents betrayed by heartless and uncaring leaders, parents, lords spiritual and temporal, to whom they had placed utmost belief and trust.

in 2014 the Rev praised Pres. Jonathan; supported his administration. Watch video HERE

The Reverend Father Ejike Mbata’s 2015 new year eve message …” on YouTube – HERE

It is the knowledge of the truth we know that can set us free..

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