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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Queen Nigeria; A role model for Beauty Pageant in Africa [@Queen_Nigeria]

Queen Nigeria; A role model for Beauty Pageant in Africa [@Queen_Nigeria]

| On 18, Oct 2014

As much as Pageantry is concerned in Nigeria, though they might be numerous this one stands has a catch to it. The pageant stemmed from the need to express beauty in the Nigerian cultural woman.

Olusegun Famodimu, the Chief Executive Officer of Famford Enterprises Limited, said the Nigerian culture is constantly and significantly being eroded by the western community, and efforts are in top gear to revive it through Queen Nigeria, adding that the vision of the pageant was to unveil the concept of Nigerian beauty, untainted by the sparkles of westernization.

The Queen Nigeria project which is designed to raise the standard on the definition of beauty by creating Queen Nigeria, which is purely for the revival and celebration of Nigerian culture from the focal point of a richly packaged beauty pageant celebrating beautiful Nigerian women regardless of tribe, religion and location.

The pageant which will take the form of a reality show in which all the contestants will be hosted in a house while their activities will be broadcast to the world. Viewers and judges will have the opportunity to vote for their Queen Nigeria.

The victorious will receive two million naira, stretched over the one year span of her reign, including a car, among other choice benefits and sponsorship to world tourism centres and events. The pageant is open to ladies between the ages of 18 and 25. Registration, said organizers, could be done online at

This unique pageant seeks to fill the vacuum left by other pageant organizers in Nigeria where concentration is placed on the swimwear session, dresses exposing vital body parts and other anti-cultural elements. The Queen Nigeria pageant involves a cooking competition session, test of cultural intelligence, physical beauty, passion about the society, respect for self, and vastness of the participant on critical issues in the country.
Registration and application which closes on the 20th October 2014 online
Would still open to people that have not applied and want to be part of the screening process in Lagos.

Call 08051944518 or visit our facebook page
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