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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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I Became Responsible Since I Had My Child – Terry G Reveals

I Became Responsible Since I Had My Child – Terry G Reveals

| On 01, Sep 2013

Gabriel Amanyi is the weird singer that answers the stage name Terry G. The singer, who has a lot of street followers judging from his type of music, recently spoke with Showtime on his lifestyle, music and other issues.

You released your new album few months back. How is the album doing in the market?

At least, it’s selling more than pure water because the reception at the moment, has been very encouraging. Most of the songs in the album are already hits and it’s doing well in the market.

What’s the title of the album?
The album is titled, ”Book of Ginger .” It contains over 21 tracks and it’s a diversified album where I took time out to showcase the other side of my career that my fans are not familiar with.

You also launched the album in Abuja, why the choice of Abuja?
You know we had some challenges when I was planning the album launch. I wanted to use Eko Hotel and Suites, but the bill was too expensive for me. I even wanted to partner with some brands but did not work out. I couldn’t afford it so I didn’t want to give up because I have never done an album launch in my life before. That was why I decided to move it to Abuja .

We also learnt that you are planning to tour Europe with your music?
Yes, but it actually has to do with my management who do all the arrangement. They are working on it and I know, it’s an Europe tour. It’s expected to last for nearly a month and it’s going to be fun.

What’s happening to your record label?
So far, I’ve always represented TGP Entertainment Records although I didn’t loud it that much. It’s a label owned by myself and all I do is just to work with my management. I will say we are doing well. As board members, we tried to bring up some brands but there were some issues as at then which came up. Along the line, we are trying to work on other acts apart from mainly just doing collaboration. I think I should do something that would profit me and for now, I am the only one on the label. Although my younger brother is signed to the label for now. I want him to create his own brand as well. For now, we are looking forward to signing on new artistes. This is because it has to do with experience so we will not do something that we will start regretting in future

So what is new about Terry G?
So many things. Now, I have a child; I’m a father. His name is Amaniyi Rex, and with him added to my life, he has given me a new life as a father. And this has made me to see the other side of life. It has put me in my right place because when you are thinking about tomorrow, you will want to be more responsible. His birth has helped me a lot and even helped me to stay away from the negative things of life. Also, I’m now focusing on concert and trying to work on my brand by making it accessible and also trying to shoot musical videos.

Did you cut your dreadlocks?
There was a picture I took which looked as if I have shaved my dreadlocks. Seeing the picture people thought I have cut my hair. I never cut my dreadlocks.

But can you change your style some day?
Change is constant and that’s one thing about life. But for now, base on the fact that I portray this image I don’t think I will do so.

You have been keeping a low profile in recent times, what is happening to you?

It’s just that it gets to a level where maturity comes in and you just have to slow down on something’s unlike when one was still a teenager. So, now that one is mature those things one indulge in, becomes distractions .I became responsible since I had my kid . I looked at life in the other way because it worth a lot for one to be responsible as people will like to be or want to learn from you. Now, music is no more a pleasure but a business for me.

Many people believe you must take something to be high. Is it actually true when it comes to Terry G?

It is not true. Most of the people around me will testify to that. The only thing I do is, I just smoke my cigarette before going on stage. I don’t drink before mounting the stage to perform. This is because drinking exhausts the energy and am this energetic artist that must not take a risk at all. People also know me as an energetic performer, so, anytime I grace the stage I have to deliver.

How are you rocking fatherhood?
It has been fun and I think I am now cool it has given me the chance to relax and think of a positive life as a father. It has helped me to scare away negative friends and is still building as well

So when are you going to take your baby mama to the altar?
We are making plan for that and when it is time we will let you know

How exactly did you meet your baby mama?
I met her in the United Kingdom. There was a concert I attended in London. It was my first major performance in London. That was where we met. I met her through a friend and we just started chatting. What actually happened was that she got amazed knowing I was Terry G. She wanted to know about me; but when she saw the other side of me, she got interested and realised the difference between Gabriel and Terry G. Now we are able to transform the relationship to a family and I’m more responsible with her beside me.