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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Pale death, with impartial foot, strikes at poor men’s hovel and the tower of king’ These immortal words of Roman poet, Horace, has once again come to fore, upon the recent demise of Aduke Ayinke Fernandez, the former wife of Nigerian born international businessman and ex-diplomat, Anthonio Oladehinde Fernandez.

We gathered that she died,in Edinburgh Scotland, after a protracted battle with cancer.Coincidentally,her demise came 10years after her famous, divorce case against the gangling billionaire plenipotentiary,dubbed as one the world’s most expensive judicial separation.
If you may recall ,in 2003,their 21years matrimonial journey, that produced two beautiful daughters Atinuke and Abimbola,crashed irretrievably .Since the couple, were living in Edinburgh , Aduke ,went to a Scottish Court, to seek 300million pounds pay out, claiming half of Dehinde Fernandez’s estimated 600million pounds fortune, at that time.

As she tendered the divorce papers in the Court of Session in Edinburgh stating that, he was excessively controlling and domineering in his behavior; had no respect for educated women and implanted surveillance devices in their home, after he became irrationally jealous of her personal trainer .

The world media feasted on the case , it made headlines as one of the world’s biggest divorce case It became so messy that ,she wants the court to force him to sell gold, oil and diamond interests as well as luxury property around the globe, to settle her in the supposed 50 -50 splitting. She also claimed ownership to half their Edinburgh property, their 25 acre Chateau de Bois Feuillette, in France. Also, two plots of land in Palma, Majorca, She also demanded for a fair share of all the sales of Dehinde’s shares in his various companies. The fabulously wealthy guardian of style,immediately moved out of their Georgian styled Edinburgh, property into Ritz Hotel, Paris,where he contested the action, that he was never legally married to her.

They later settled out of court,when Aduke could not substantially prove they were indeed legitimately married, other than marrying in Nigerian traditional way in1982..Fernandez was to pay her 30,000 Pounds a month for three years,however, he stopped the payments when he claimed that Aduke breached the agreement. However in 2006,Aduke went back to Court and she was awarded over Imillion Pounds, because the Fernandez failed to appear in court .

Since the separation Aduke Fernandez has remained in the couple’s seven-storey, townhouse in Edinburgh’s West End. While Fernandez, who narrowly escaped, without his networth cut by half,has since passionately detested her and spews the deadliest hate, anytime she was mention. We gathered that,years after the bitter divorce, a remorseful Aduke made several attempts to reconcile with the bitter father of her children,but met brickwalls.

Although,last year a magazine published a story about their reconciliation,which the friend of Nelson Mandela,George W Bush,and ally of Kofi Annan denied, “It’s a big lie,it will never happen, even in a million years’.However,a reliable source revealed that,last year’s a mediation by Fernandez young wife, Halima,helped her reach him. We scooped that after much pleading,Halima made sure the Garsan Fulanin Kano spoke to Aduke on her sick bed over the telephone.

Now mellowed by ,the Baron of Dudley,England and former UN Permanent Representative to Central African Republic, now spend more time with Halima,in their Victorian age mansion,in Belgium. When sought to know Fernandez reaction about, the death of Aduke, the woman she so abhor, while alive, through his wife Halima,she simply replied.’ That’s quite an insensitive thing to ask, at such a time, we all are sad because everybody is going to die’.

Despite being a stepmother to Aduke’s children, Halima ,we learnt ,was a tremendous support to them while growing up.Infact,she practically brought them up,a source said.