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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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About Us

A little about the folk at KonkNaijaMedia

Konknaija Media is a media and entertainment portal that brings you fresh news, infotainment, music, video, gadget and technology reviews, health and lifestyle news, fashion, and more. We work round the clock to collect all of the news we like and know you’ll like and deliver it to you your way, simple, succint, direct and stylishly, available on mobile, tablets, desktop and coming soon to appstores near you so you can simply click it and there it


We are a team of 3 young Nigerians based in Abuja,Lagos and the UK with a common goal in mind, to set a good pace for almagmating information and aggregating news on entertainment, fashion, leisure, lifestyle and general goings on with a view to inspiring others to take our lead. We don’t mean to snub you by not showing you our faces. We’re just a little shy.

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When we all started to work on this idea, we wanted a medium where our children could go and read and research, where the public could get fun, entertainment, health, lifestyle, music, fashion, event and media news and also somewhere that would entice youths to concentrate on productivity and to keep focussed and remember that no matter the circumstances, our identity is something we always need to remind folk is a positive thing.

What has brought us together is our common ground, we set up to prove that our beginnings are not as dismal, paltry, horrid, trauma tainted and gory filled as the rest of the world wants to believe  and to shout it out loud because we are not afraid or ashamed to be Konk Naija people and won’t be forgetting we are African and we are sure you are too.

Konk Naija Media is a subsidiary of Konk Naija Music A Registered Company In Nigeria

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