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KonkNaija Media | May 3, 2016

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The People’s Network On The Hotseat

The People’s Network On The Hotseat

| On 27, Mar 2013

The weather has been improving in other places if not in England, off we went to sunny Atlanta where we had a great day out with CEO of The People’s Network and Tinseltown Studios Atlanta – Bobby Peoples. Here’s what he had to say…..

Who are you and where in the world are you primarily based and where are you located right now?

I’m Bobby M Peoples Sr, movie producer located in Atlanta GA

What do you do, how would you describe your presence in the industry, what’s your mission?

I’m a producer of indie movies in the united states.

I salute all pioneers in the pursuit of film. making. I believe that without their ingenious talents and visions, there would be no future – only a past for black films.

I have always dreamed of entering the entertainment business. After a stint in the US Army, I  decided to actively pursue my goal and enter the acting arena. Subsequently i was undaunted at being rejected on several acting gigs, I didn’t give up, I pulled it together and entered film school and studied the art & craft of music and video production.

I’m know throughout Atlanta GA as the Mayor of the indie film community  

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been doing this since 2001

Notable moments in your career?

Marrying my wife Renee who is now my partner in our Company The Peoples Network

What’s the best and worst part of what you do?

Everything Is great, I really don’t see a worst part of it. I love what I do.

A little about you?

From screenwriter, director, producer, production assistant, production secretary, actor, and more I have been blessed as a man of many talents.

In my early years, I completed several projects for Dreamworks, Touchstone Pictures, New Millennium, to name a few. I have continued to have faith in my career and eventually became the captain of my own destiny, thus heading my own flagship.

The Peoples Film Company now known as The Peoples Network was born out of my devotion to promoting all black movies and talent. I created a place where I could write, produce, direct, not only my own work, but to aid others who cannot find the talent or resources to enter into the business.
Born in Newark New Jersey, I am an only child. I was raised by my grandparents while my mother was in the army. As a child, I would take GI Joe toys and pretend to make movies with them, unwittingly spurring and developing the imagination and tenacity I has for making films now.

I am now more determined than ever to recreate a Hollywood by taking pages from the life of legendary producer Roger Corman.

My dreams include developing above-the-line positions for eager and very talented people who come across my path, and need a chance to be seen and heard. Taking steps to being a leader, I am humbled that I am now  someone that artists will have enjoyed looking up to.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

My wife and I along with a few of my business partners just opened up a film studio in Atlanta called Tinseltown Studios. ( so I see it being very successful for the NEXT generation of film-makers.


What do you do for relaxing/fun/chilling out?

Family time is quality time for me, I don’t measure it up with anything else, I also enjoy a bit of time out with my wife and friends away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and when I am not doing that I spend a bit of time catching up on TV that I haven’t made on Netflix..


What advice do you have for others inspired by you?

Don’t matter how good you think you are, there is always going to be somebody who think you’re not. So keep doing what you do. Eventually people will see the hard work..


Message for your fans, haters,critics

Bless you


Your Website, Facebook page,Twitter handle, links to your stuff

Our Website| / /
Instagram| @ThePeoples Network
Email: to hire us for film production
Facebook |
Twitter | @TPNonWisecast 
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