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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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| On 13, Dec 2013


Finally Obasanjo wakes up with an 18page indictment of his protege GEJ; his hypocrisy and pharaseesm wanes with the challenge to do right if perhaps to assuage the guilt of a wasted 3years as a military Head of State (1976-1979) and 8years (1999-2007) as an Executive President. By Jove he craves the lost toga of Nigeria’s Madiba an accolade not befitting his person even if he writes Jonathan an 80page diatribe. Sad he wasted his years in power and cannot claim to have loved Madiba or learnt anything from him.

Should the magnitude of the indictment that that 18page letter became be treated with a wave of the hand? NO. Should we simply say that the present Obj/Gej face off is the Falcon and the Falconer fable? I don’t think so. Should we conclude that because Obj was corrupt and remains so, that there is no merit in his 18page letter to Gej? I think differently. If there remains some merit in the message of one of the thieves crucified with Jesus The Christ ditto the assertion regarding the piety and the innocence of The Christ, then we must not disregard the message because the messenger is filthy.

Some folks have called me to say that perhaps God has risen in answer of my Psalms on Nigeria but I still think that more exposures and dirty linen washings lie ahead. I am sure that the days, weeks and months ahead holds out greater revelations and mudslinging until redemption comes the way of Nigeria.

I shall credit the moment and the fact that the 18page letter is now in the public domain days after it was sent to GEJ more to the Madiba magic. Obj must first begin with a personal restitution because we are not deceived. And GEJ must realize that the time for his Shenanigans in power is up.


Madiba did voice his anger with Nigeria, he accused our govts and politicians of fraud and corruption, truly so, he stated that we have for leaders persons who perceive state wealth as personal estate. Men who pretentiously wear the garb of African Liberators but at home are dictators, looters, oppressors and sick men. Sad!

These Pharasees have written countless eulogy in honour of Madiba BUT whilst Madiba is yet not buried the hypocrites have today began a charade of an impeachment process against Rotimi Amaechi with the Police aiding 6 Lawmakers to the plenary chambers of the Rivers State House of Assembly, now it is Jonathan trying to use 6men to impeach a Governor that enjoys the support of 25 lawmakers.

When GEJ endorsed Jonah Jang as Chairman of the Governors Forum with 16 votes as opposed to 19 that voted for Rotimi Amaechi it was obvious that this regime is one undemocratic, insincere and nebulous lot, yet they organized memorial service and declared a 3day national mourning in honour of Madiba, how false and hypocritical can these men be. Sad!

Those who seek to rubbish the grave issues raised by Obasanjo in his 18page letter to GEJ are unfair to Nigeria because no matter how filthy the messenger appears, the message remains true and unequivocal. Is Nigeria at a terrible turn? Yes. Are schools on strike whilst Trillions that can resolve the impasse is stolen? Yes. Are we yet marooned to power outages and pain? Yes. Has corruption doubled and quadrupled? Yes. Has dropouts and militants of Niger-Delta extraction become Lords of the manor? Yes. Is democracy threatened by insincerity, insecurity and crash impunity? Yes. So why are some jesters bent on discarding the message because the messenger is soiled? Why?


If we do yet have a conscience then the transition and the grand obsequy that attends the Madiba persona should reawaken and rekindle the effulgence of moral rectitude and propriety in our personal and public lives. We must not mouth sweet words about Madiba and continue the Kamikaze wallow in filthiness and thieving.

We do not love Madiba when we lead a life of cowardice never critical of that which works injustice. We do not love Madiba when we lead a life of hate and unforgiveness. We do not love Madiba when we seek power for egocentric and selfish end. We do not love Madiba when we subsume ‘we’ with the banal and whimsical permutations of ‘I’. Madiba was selfless, altruistic and profound, and so must true lovers of the Madiba be.

We are hypocrites in our eulogy of Madiba when we are treasury looters, election riggers, subverters of due process, murderers, election thugs, liars, court jesters, insincere office holders, nihilists, separatists, tribal jingoists, sectionalists, racists and religious bigots.

We hate all that the Madiba epitomizes when we refuse to call a spade a spade. We are Pharasees, Sadducees and pretentious demagogues when we salute the feats of the great Madiba only to continue in our filthiness, fleece, sleaze, thieving, looting and stealing.

Remember that the time is always right to do right apologies to the great Madiba, may we therefore choose the path of penitence and henceforth elect to always do right.

Adieu Nelson Rolilahla Mandela. Adieu the great Madiba for you were iconic. You were grand, grandiose and grandiloquent. I love you still.

-Dr. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr. Pin:28f42ff4

RIP my great Frata Madiba.


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