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KonkNaija Media | May 3, 2016

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Soul E On the Hotseat

Soul E On the Hotseat

| On 22, Apr 2013

I recently got a chance to have a one on one with none other than Soul E the King Of Afro-soul himself and got chatting and up to date on what he’s been up to. In-between giggles and much laughter, I got to find out a bit about who he is and what makes him tick…..enjoy

Who are you and where in the world are you primarily based and where are you located right now?

My name is Emmanuel Ifechukwude popularly know as Soul E am from delta state in Nigeria, am based in lagos Nigeria that’s were I operate from


What do you do, how would you describe your presence in the industry, what’s your mission?

I do motivational music and soul Gospel music my music transforms lives, it makes me happy when I hear some one calls me and say your song healed me when I listen to it, I will say that Soul E is an ambassador when it comes to music here in ,Nigeria its a name that can’t be left out from the record of Nigeria music industry, my mission is to affect lives around the world positively with my music

How long have you been doing this?

Been doing music sing when I was 8 years old, came into the industry in 2005 so been doing this now for 8years

Notable moments in your career?

Notable moments are when ever I am on stage and the fans go wild with enjoyment and I can see they love everything I give them they love the way I deliver music and they get the cds they play it in their homes and offices for me those are my notable moments

What’s the best and worst part of what you do?

Well there is no worst part in what I do I enjoy what I do I was born to do this so I enjoy it all the way till the end

A little about you?

Well am the first born of a family of 6 been doing music since 8 years old came in to the industry in 2004 have made 4 robust albums made in my career and I have done a lot of collaborations with top class artistes including 2 face from Nigeria, wizkid from Nigeria, kokovilli from Ghana, rough and smooth from Ghana, ghostwriters from America and many more and I have about 12 awards to my name.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

In 10years from now SOUL E will be number one in Africa.

What do you do for relaxing/fun/chilling out?

I love movies action ones, I also love to watch wwe and being on the net, I tend to concentrate on hobbies that make me happy


What advice do you have for others inspired by you?

Well for does that I have been honoured to bless through my music I will say to you when you discover who you are then life will be easy to play with all the way


Message for your fans, haters,critics

For my fans I love you all every where you are around the world you mean a lot to me, Critics, well …. Cast the first stone and For my haters I still love u all

Your website,facebookpage, twitter handle, links to your stuff

Follow me on twitter @soulebaba

Facebook- SOUL E BABA

Videos on youtube by just putting in SOUL E BABA in

Find me on iTunes as well.