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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Rymzo On The Hot Seat

Rymzo On The Hot Seat

| On 25, Feb 2013

We recently caught up with Rymzo producer and artiste of Afrobeat reggae at his residence in Lagos and had a five minute speed question session, I left humbled after watching him at work and here is what he had to say…

Who Are You And  Where Are You Based?

My name’s Rymzo and I am a Nigerian Musician.

What  Do You Do, How Would You Describe Your Presence In The Industry, Whats Your Mission?

I’m a musician and also one of the top music producers around in Nigeria and my presence in the industry is like one of the vital trees that makes the forests… role in the music industry cannot be easily jumped over especially because I’m one of the realest mainstream reggae artistes out of the country who gets props every time I drop a tune.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

I’ve been recording music since I was in my teens, producing music since 1999 and working as a professional artiste since 2004

Notable Moments In Your Career?

My first personal career big moment was when my first single ‘rock n roll’ stayed on the number one spot on the mtn yhello top ten chat for months which led to lots of awards and nominations including kora, hiphop world awards now headies, fame awards, just to mention a few

What’s The Best And Worst Part Of What You Do?

The  best part is the freedom, pleasure and fun in performing my songs and getting appreciated for it while the worst part of what I do is the loss of ones privacy and freedom to just act like you wish to any time anywhere and the side effects of the occasional bad press which is synonymous with the industry.

A Little About You?

Rymzo is a true conscious lagos/Nigeria based reggae/dancehall artiste/music producer who is very shy and lives in total isolation and only comes out when totally unavoidable and necessary, :)

I was born Churchill sosa Gusto in Lagos/Nigeria with family roots from the south south part of nigeria, second child of 6 siblings and raised by a single mom.

I love my mom with a mad passion and I am very down to earth and humble but the fact that I hate and cant put up with what I don’t like makes some folks feel think arrogant sometimes.

I am very firm in defending whats true to me and very tough when protecting what’s mine to protect.

I don’t speak any tribes except every elements of English, I have developed an aversion to representing or being seen to represent or favour any tribes and regions in Nigeria as I consider the tribes the tools of separations and segregation amongst my Nigerian people, I just love being Nigerian, don’t flow with religions and politics and reggae music is my culture while rastafari is my life

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

I leave that to the supreme Jah to lead me through. I can’t say where now because man proposes while Jah does what he feels is better for the soul

What Do You Do For Fun, Relaxing or Chillling Out?

I either meditate or just relax around by the seaside and get some nice breeze blowing through my locks while I sip a nice cold palmwine and strengthen the thing with some nicely peppered shrimps or lobsters while some sweet root reggae music is just filtering in from the sound system some yards away :)

What Advice Do You Have For Others Inspired By You?

They should always be true to themselves and don’t use my lifestyle to measure theirs because every man has their own life to live, that they should just love the almighty creator, live clean and treat fellow men as they would treat themselves

Message For Your Fans, Haters,Critics?

To my fans, you will never be disappointed by Rymzo, you will soon get another album that you will love so much by the grace of the almighty
To my haters n critics, just keep it at that, don’t try to take my life while I work harder to try to convert you to a fan, your role is also an inspiration


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