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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Rugged Record’s Mbryo Thrills Fans at Ragabomi Nite in Ilorin

| On 21, Jul 2013

#Ragabomi Nite with Rugged Records artist ‘Mbryo’ aka The Special One kicked off in Ilorin on the 5th of July. It is a night set up to introduce Mbryo to people in the town it is held in.Artists who were on the bill to support Mbryos #Ragabomi Nite were Rugged Records CEO Ruggedman,Tunde Ednut,Shegzy and Rapsmith. The venue was Club Cloud 9 inside Bovina View Hotel Ilorin. First the artists went to Royal fm and then Cruise Fm for radio interviews. Loads of excited people called in to talk to the artists and wish Mbryo good luck. Fans started turning up from around 8pm. They turned out to listen to Ruggedman,Tunde Ednut and also the Ilorin artists Shegzy and Rapsmith of Equator records. Then came the time Ruggedy Baba introduced the man of the hour ” Mbryo” and all fears of wether he will be accepted was allayed when he started performing. The people were happy to see him live and got to see him in action. Mbryo’s music was already getting regular airplay so it was a treat for the fans to have the opportunity to attend the very first Ragabomi night. Many agreed they were looking at a star in the making.The event was deemed a success, Mbryo was shown much love and support. Copies of Rugged Records collaboration album Money Making Music and MyStreetz magazine were given out to lucky Ilorin fans. The event was supported by Cloud 9, Ibu Media,,,,, and MyStreetz Magazine. Watch out for Ragabomi Nite in your town soon.   RaagaabomiNite Tunde Ednut red carpet RagabomiNite Mbryo red carpet RagabomiNite Mbryo RagabomiNite R RagabomiNite Ruggedman Red carpet RagabomiNite Ruggedman RagabomiNiteIlorin Rugged n Mbryo RagabomiNiteIlorin Tunde Ednut2  RagabomiNiteIlorin RagabominiteIlorin2 RagabomiNiteIlorin3