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KonkNaija Media | May 3, 2016

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#Opinion Same Sex Marriage; Count Nigeria out please

#Opinion Same Sex Marriage; Count Nigeria out please

| On 14, Jan 2014

Same sex marriage is not African and not in our culture as Nigerians.

Its a mere selfishness on the part of those clamouring for it to be legalised in Nigeria or anywhere in the World.

After these guys gets married, they go into adopting kids born of man and woman. Those kids got rights too because they need a real “mother & father” as parents.

How can kids grow up in a weird situation where they see; “two females or males kiss and make love”? Who gives these guys the right to adopt children? Are we building an army of zombies? Its like armed robbers coming out too to claim they have a right to steal/maim/kill etc due to poverty in the society.

What’s wrong with the world really? Are people so dumb that they feel what they love as a “way of life” as a “group of people” must be accepted into the society?

We can all sit down right bout now and count all what we can come together as groups to fight for as a right; right to masturbate in the streets, right to kill, right to steal from the rich (robin hood style) ………etc.

Marriage is defined already in the Holy Books, Culture and Norms by default. Its defined in the greatest world dictionaries. Besides gay couples have NO right to adopt innocent kids.

Its shameful really. How can irresponsibility nurture kids to become responsible? I don’t just understand.

You fight for your right and infringe upon other’s. That’s selfishness!!!!!

If Europe accepts it; Africa should protect her Culture and Marriage institutions jealously.

But we also as a society have no right to take their lives as its being experienced in Uganda and some parts of Africa. That action is not only crude and inhuman but it shows how that society has lost the true essence of human existence.

After I broadcast the above on BBM earlier today, I got a response I never thought about while writing from one of my contacts; Glam Babe;

“Gone are those days that you employ domestic staff based on the gender of your children. Now I am scared of sodomy than rape”.

This simply means: we often hire domestic staff or maids based on the gender of our kids. We all experienced it too while growing up.


Imagine that maid of yours’ or domestic staff being GAY. What is the future of your kids? OR are you available 24/7 to monitor activities around the home? NO!!!

So your kid someday grow to become gay under your nose and brings some1 someday for marriage introduction………………..for same sex marriage? God forbid bad thing.

Parents guard your wards and if possible the “educationists” on my contact and society MUST ensure there is a curriculum in schools which educates our kids on such events.

This is Africa, This is Nigeria; Same Sex Marriage? Count Nigeria out please.