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KonkNaija Media | May 4, 2016

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#Opinion Nigeria – Where Poverty and Religion turn to Business Empires

#iRemember Christian Leaders/Pastors way back in many parts of the world such as South Africa or USA were freedom fighters & Human Right activists who fought against injustice etc. They taught their followers selflessness and service to humanity.

In Nigeria today we see most of these Christian Leaders and Pastors (infact, a handful) acquiring wealth and building business empires. They have turned the Church to a business entity/business hub having business meetings all week.

Can anyone remember what Jesus did in the temple when He saw people buy and sell and turning the House of The Lord into a market place rather than a place of worship? Did I hear you ask where in the Bible? Ohh, you are busy staring at the pastor’s suits, shoes and wrist watch while he preaches about prosperity. What about their wives who have refused to cover their heads in Church but instead flaunt their fibres/weaves like that was their hair.

How can we experience Change in the Society or the Nation when all we hear you teach/preach is nothing but selfish interest, wealth acquisition while majority in the society are morally decayed, live in poverty and the ruling class intimidate the masses while the government is in no way concerned about the living standards of the people?

What happened to the 10 commandments in your Church?

Poverty – The only weapon an “evil” government use against her masses to remain relevant and rule for life. That is an African mentality.

Alas!!! Once the masses are enlightened and knows true worship and legal ways to earn a living; the Church will be re-organised and to “Hell” goes the “men of the world” as they were never “men of God”.

The House of the Lord will be cleansed of thieves, bandits, corruption etc just like Jesus did over 2000 years ago.

I look at the economy and the way my people hustle right from 4am till 12am and i weep for a Nation that once ruled Africa and the World.

Change starts with YOU! Its all about #CommonSense. When YOU give power to the wrong people; expect intimidation and more no matter how hard you try.

Nigeria will Flourish again but not until each and everyone reading this change the way they think and more.

Not until you tell someone; “Use your head and don’t be deceived anymore. Open your eyes, love, share, care and relate ‘personally’ with your Creator”.