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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Opinion – NEED FOR UNITY AND PEACE by Anthony Eyoh @thony_yhl

Anthony Eyoh

Anthony Eyoh

We need this peace and unity for the betterment of our dearly beloved nation and this has to start from ourselves and our immediate families and environment. What does it profit a man if he brings in violence and hating amongst his fellow citizens and make them think evil against themselves. “UNITY” is the togetherness of a group of people that are together to achieve a common goal and so many things can be achieved through unity.


So many projects can be made a done deal when the people are united and we in one mind and determination. That is to say in other words when the contractors incharge of our contracts tries to skip our projects we with unity hasten them to get the job done, for sure they will wake up to work and in less than no time the projects will be finished to our taste and satisfaction

Peaceful coexistence; through unity as the major need of every man’s society peace will now set in and when there is peace there is love and sound mind. we can therefore have sound and relaxed mind when there is unity and the immediate people within us are all happy

No thoughts of evil; when there is peace and unity you can sleep with your door wide open at night and this is because everyone has clean mind and good intentions towards each other in the society

Security; when there is unity we will be our brother’s keeper(you watch my back I watch yours ) we will stand to gain less horrible and painful moments and more of happy moments nobody can come from another zone or society to fight or destroy anyone

With unity we will stand to Crime free society

In other words unity and peace works hand in hand for the betterment of everyone in the society, in the community, nor the world at large, when there is unity there will be peaceful coexistence of every citizens in the immediate society and the world at large

So finally I will plead for us all to see the reason and need to embrace good governance through unity and be a peaceful citizens at all times. Lets make change and let it start within us we see the future far from where we are Lets put our hands together to stop envy and hatred amongst ourselves, lets stop bombing and killings of our fellow citizens

- Stop every form of violence

- Stop hating

- Stop creating disputes for anyone

- Stop using our talents to exhibit evil and creating space for war, conflict, fighting

- Lets now be our brother’s keeper

- Be in peace with everybody at all times

- Be peace ambassadors everywhere you go

Rather than join in fighting and looking for how to get a divided society or nation lets make peace, we need love, peace and unity to keep us all as one big family or nation for our unborn children and our teenage children to enjoy a peaceful society or nation when they grow up.

With One love, peace and unity the efforts of our ancestors will never be seen in vain rather be seen positive.

God bless us all as we live in peace and in unity with love bonding us all.


Written and compiled by
Anthony Eyoh @thony_yhl