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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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#Nigeria #Election2015 – Who is afraid of the card reader? [Opinion]

#Nigeria #Election2015 –  Who is afraid of the card reader? [Opinion]

| On 12, Mar 2015

Just when Nigeria, her leaders, her citizens and her politicians feel so much ontop of the world that the nation is the greatest thing that happened to Africa & the black race. Africa itself in-turn put us back in our place; #shameful

Who is afraid of the “card reader”? Who is enjoying his/her generator? Who is scared of election defeat?

The card reader is a mere accreditation device (confirm ownership and gives a go ahead to vote). Are we really thinking or use our brains in this part of the world? The concern of many was the “battery” (electricity) & “political interest”.

A fully charged card reader battery lasts for 14hrs (how many hours will accreditation take? Will you be on queue for 14hrs? An individual can’t spend more than 20secs on accreditation rather than checking through pages of voters register)

BMW had introduced two hybrid cars (i3 & i8) into the South African market. These cars use electricity & can be charged using a dedicated “charge point” similar to the fuel stations. In Nigeria we go about with Phone chargers today.

Ethiopia currently generates electricity through wind farm (wind).

Now let’s talk about political interest; this had gone farther to damaging utterances, blackmails, war threats & politicians who had made hate statements that can lead to genocide, civil war, violence & more.

Cote d’voire just sentenced a former 1st Lady Simone Gbagbo to 20yrs in prison for making “hate” statements while supporting her husband’s re-election bid which lead to over 3,000 deaths when her husband lost to opposition.

Chad, Niger now lead our military against Boko Haram

Nigerians need know that humanity is watching & justice shall prevail.

“All those making hate remarks during campaigns, on social media, in the media need cross their hearts — any violence during or after this election will leave so many Nigerians in jail just like Simone Gbagbo”.

Nigeria is of serious concern to the world as our population (God forbid) in case of crisis will degenerate Africa (…..banks won’t run during war).

Do you want to end up as a refugee queuing up for bread, flour etc? Check your bank account & compare to that of people who push you towards hate, violence or war….

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