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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Music Revolution: Nigeria’s ContÍnental Music Video Awards draught in 2013

Ghana's Fuse ODG performs at the 2013 MOBO awards

Ghana’s Fuse ODG performs at the 2013 MOBO awards

I think South African artists are taking back their spots in Music Videos with respect to creativity, storyline and fun……

I remember way back; Naija artists got great songs with great lyrics but not too competitive music videos of world class quality. Then we had the Ghanians; Obrafour, 4×4, Tinny and more pushing out dope music videos monthly.

Few years down the line; Naija artists got the world and Africa screaming for more as they not only exceeded expectations but also grabbed continental music video awards yearly. Furthermore the song lyrics were either inspirational, fun, and creative in its own way that got generations (young and old) groove non-stop.

Lately, Naija’s had not only mastered the art of quality, world class and dope music videos but unfortunately most of these music videos lack story line, creativity and fun. We have been engulfed with so much booty shaking, nudity, champagne poppings and more which make us drift from the message and delivery.

There are loads of differences between; Music and Song. Gradually I see most naija artists sing songs, run to the director and shoot videos within 24hours as long as there are honeyz to twist those waists and do the booty shaking. What about upcoming artists who all through their 1st ever music video glue dark shades to their eyes and you can’t tell whose singing?

We now depend/rely more on the “beat” and most times the song lyrics is not just there.

The success stories on Music Video Awards on the African continent is evident that a revolution is in place in South Africa and Ghana to get back their spots.

If Nigerian artists want to remain relevant and scoop those awards once again; get creative in music videos, come up with something different and not the regulars we see everyday of you throwing monies around and all sorts.

Legendary Micheal Jackson came up with Thriller & stunned the world till date with that music video because he dared to be different & unique as far back as the 80′s.

We hope to see better music videos and song lyrics in the coming months.