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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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#Music: Nigeria’s street grime music artist Abdul Azeez Halidu popularly known as “Zee World” is dead

#Music: Nigeria’s street grime music artist Abdul Azeez Halidu popularly known as “Zee World” is dead

| On 30, Nov 2014

One of Nigeria’s street grime music artist, Zee world Aka Tentebo Soldier is Dead.

“Grime is not garage Grime is not jungle Grime is not hip-hop and Grime is not ragga. Grime is a mix between all of these with strong, hard hitting lyrics…………………. And is also alot to do with representing the place you live or have grown up in“. –
The artiste was said to have been ill for sometime now, but this afternoon, he gave up the ghost.
Confirmed reports coming from his home explains that he died about 12.30pm on Sunday November 30, 2014.

It is so sad, for the past few years, celebrities have been dying of one illness or the other. We are yet to know the type of illness that claimed Zee World’s life, but the heart-aching photo below surfaced online few minutes after his death news broke.


Abdul Azeez Halidu popularly known as (Zee World), a native of Kano state in the Northern part of Nigeria and spent the last few months in a hospital in Agege area of Lagos State, Nigeria for an undisclosed illness. While in hospital, report has it that efforts made by some media personnel to speak with Zee World proved abortive as security operatives did not allow visitors to gain access to him except few of his family members and friends.

He was born in Lagos on 24th January 1980, but was groomed in Kano Nigeria with a stint.

Abdul Azeez, the third born in his family graduated from Secondary School with flying colors as the most brilliant and intelligent student and got awarded by the government of Nigeria a scholarship to study abroad where he bagged a degree in Business Administration, however, in the year 1998 he returned to his home country Nigeria and dropped his papers for music.

Abdul Azeez, started his music trade as a solo artiste got parties rocking, picking up the Mic at a very tender age, doing music underground and as well organizing street shows and concert for both big and up and coming artistes. Zee world, the Zaga King discovered that, Nigeria music production is yet to meet up with the international standard, so he left the music scene and traveled to South Africa where he learnt music production and engineering. Couple of years later, he stepped into scene in 2000 and hooked up with big time producers in different studios to assist in engineering. Since he was not given the chance to exhibit his skills in the area of production, he decided to establish his own studio called ‘HALIYA RECORDS’, and since then, Zee world has produced top Nigerian stars and up coming artistes.

Zee World, the prince of naija street grime, was managed by DJ WALEX ENTERTAINMENT ( and under a new management, he collaborated with top artistes and as well performed at big events such as Guinness Smooth Jamz, MITV/STAR FM New Year Jamz, Kenny`s Music Easter Fiesta, Sound Sultan Album Launch, Star Mega Jamz, Monster Ball Beach Party 2.

Zee-World Aka Tentebo Master Kalamoko Soulja dropped his debut album Titled “My World” which featured Hit Tracks like;

- Tentebo Ft Skally And Enny
- Kalamoko (Piano Love) Ft Side-One And Enny
- Tentebo Remix Ft Terry G,
- Party Hard Remix Ft Konga
- Bakataru Ft Lace
- Bola Ft Klever Jay and O`Black
- Sexy Mammie Ft T-Sexy
- Tentebo R&B Ft Reminisce,Skales,YQ

A fan of his and also an upcoming street grime artist based in Surulere Lagos reacted to the news of Zee World’s demise>>>>>>

“So much deceit and selfishness amongst Nigerian entertainers and so many Nigerians in general. When industry colleagues need medical assistance due to financial constraints very few turn out to assist while so many don’t care. I can’t mention how many young Nigerian entertainers had needed help to stay alive but we all refused to act. This is also evident amongst other Nigerians; even families. Our relationship is only for collabos, popping of champagnes and other affluent acts. I am yet to see Nigerian entertainers come up with concerts or even an appeal website to help another colleague. ……..Alas!!!!! God will continue to guide and guard us whiile we also try as much as possible to desist from living careless and care-free lifestyles. We buy the exotic cars and post on social media but refuse also to invest in our medicals. Seeing the picture of Tentenbo Soldier; Zee World after I got a ping on his demise – I wept! I also got reports he had appealed for help before he later died. Now his dps we see, Tshirts we see, tribute songs dropping and even remix of his songs just hours after his death. May your soul R.I.P Zee World…………………but fact remains…………….. …………so much deceit and selfishness amongst Nigerian entertainers and so many Nigerians in general”.

Zee world was a prolific producer and engineer, one artiste you cannot but notice when he steps into a place. His ability to draw attention and admiration through his music and personality is one gift that stands him out. His singles ‘GBE SU MOBI’, ‘ZAGA DANCE’ and ‘TEN TE BO’ enjoyed lavish airplay. Zee world was also popular for his catchy phrases.