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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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How the top 10 UK universities use Twitter

How the top 10 UK universities use Twitter

| On 17, Apr 2014

Do we have any Nigerian University on Twitter? Just asking really but …………..


How often should a university tweet? Should institutions respond to every tweet that mentions them?

According to an analysis of university Twitter accounts between 31 January – 31 March 2014, the UK’s top 10 universities (based on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013-2014) had more than 400,000 followers in total, and yet none were sending out more than an average of four tweets a day.

The University of Oxford was the least frequent tweeter, sending out around just one tweet a day while receiving 86 mentions from other Twitter users. The University of Bristol was the most prolific tweeter, sending out between three and four tweets per day, while Manchester was the best at interacting with its followers, with a quarter of its tweets sent to other Twitter accounts.

The UK university Twitter accounts were used predominantly for broadcasting university-specific and industry news, and unlike Manchester, most had a less than 10 per cent engagement rate for their tweets (the percentage of total tweets that were directed at others). Three of the universities – Oxford, the London School of Economics and Kings’s College London – sent out no direct tweets during the two-month period.

The research was carried out by social media analysis company Brandwatch.

Total followers

1 University of Oxford 123,001
2 University of Cambridge 109,278
3 University of Edinburgh 35,100
4 University of Bristol 29,861
5 Imperial College London 26,608
6 University College London 24,520
7 King’s College London 24,307
8 Durham University 14,078
9 London School of Economics 13,370
10 University of Manchester 3,413


University handle tweets (total/per day)

1 University of Bristol 234 3.9
2 University College London 192 3.25
3 Imperial College London 191 3.2
4 University of Cambridge 166 2.8
5 University of Manchester 161 2.7
6 King’s College London 141 2.4
7 University of Edinburgh 137 2.3
=8 Durham University 123 2.1
=8 London School of Economics 123 2.1
10 University of Oxford 74 1.25


University engagement with others (percentage of tweets directed at other users)

1 University of Manchester 25
2 University of Edinburgh 23
=3 Durham University 9
=3 University of Bristol 9
5 Imperial College London 6
6 University College London 5
7 University of Cambridge 3
=8 London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 0
=8 King’s College London 0
=8 University of Oxford 0
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