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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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GlobeMed Nigeria; Taking Care Of Health Care

GlobeMed Nigeria; Taking Care Of Health Care

| On 17, Aug 2013

GlobeMed Nigeria is the leading healthcare benefits management company in the country, offering support to insurance companies, Health Maintenance Organizations(HMOs), self insured schemes, mutual funds and large employer schemes with highly advanced tools and services, such as underwriting and policy administration, providers’ network management, approvals and claims processing, settlement to providers and reconciliation, customer services and business intelligence services. Also aware of the evolving needs in the pharmacy benefits management, it now offers a complete standalone PBM solution designed to improve the value of pharmacy benefits plans. Moreover, GlobeMed Nigeria provides innovative and comprehensive services to manage its clients’ complex needs, such as actuarial services and international health services.

Backed up by GlobeMed group’s 20 years experience and know-how, GlobeMed Nigeria has all the human and technical skills required to offer its stakeholders state-of-the-art solutions and tailor-made services.

It is part of a network of 12 franchised companies spread across the Middle-Eastern and African territories, in Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt. The region’s fastest growing group in the healthcare sector offers now international and cross border services to over 2 million lives, through a network that exceeds 500,000 providers worldwide.

GlobeMed Nigeria is registered under No. RC 1069153 with a paid capital of US$ 2,000,000.


To provide superior value in healthcare related services, under the various healthcare insurance programs, being served through employees dedicated to improve the physical and emotional health of the insured public.


Maintain our leadership as a pacesetter and a benchmark reference in the management of healthcare benefits.


GlobeMed Nigeria commenced operations on January 2, 2013, at the new offices in Lekki, Lagos, providing healthcare benefits management (Third Party Administration)  for Insurance Companies, HMOs and Self-Insured Groups. We have started marketing aggressively and building a nationwide network of medical providers. The response from the market has been very positive since GlobeMed brings a comprehensive solution to Nigeria.


GlobeMed offers franchisees the tools and expertise to fully manage their network of healthcare providers and administer health insurance claims from pre-certification of admissions and service provision to case management, claims adjudication and payment settlement. The process is facilitated by an e-claims portal available to GlobeMed’s healthcare providers’ networks, allowing them to verify the patient’s eligibility, based on policy-defined benefits and medical necessity, and process claims online at every step of the patient service cycle.

In addition, our franchising model gives franchisees access to the following services:

Benefits administration and members’ enrolment services, including the definition of benefits and restrictions, technical and medical underwriting automation and rules, card issuing, policy management and policy owner services.

Reporting services and business intelligence capabilities to provide business analysis and performance monitoring.

Special customer service tools, including specialized call centers such as a policy and network information desk, complaint desk, IT helpdesk, and health information helpdesk.


True to its name, GlobeMed Nigeria provides a wide range of healthcare-related services around the globe, in addition to international health insurance policies.

With Access and Assistance Services, insured traveling members can benefit from easy support on direct billing basis for emergency cases through GlobeMed Nigeria’s affiliations and alliances with related providers.

With the Expert Second Medical Opinion, any patient can have access to the best medical expertise in the world. And thanks to our health triage and information center known as GlobeMedInfo, we provide round-the-clock medical advice and support from a dedicated team of medical doctors.

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