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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Music Submission, Video Submission & Disclosure

If you are sending songs in for AirPlay or for streaming please indicate if you do not want the songs placed on Courtesy downloads. Additionally please assist us by tagging your music – this involves using mp3 tag software to add artiste name and song name. Ideally make your songs 320bpm 44000Hz don’t worry if you can’t we will but it delays airplay if you don’t

This Form Is For Uploading Songs and or giving permission to publish Music you have sent to us. If you prefer you can email the music to us at  including a press photograph, biography and your songs as an attachment. But you should try fill this form in to comply with DCMA rules.



Your Stage Name

Your Full/Real Name



Your Email Address



Your Phone Number


Upload Music File



Upload Music Art/Image File



Additional Message/Bio



Permissions: Click All that Apply to your request

The Music I sent you is my own creative
I have the right or permission of the owner to distribute it
I agree for you to release the music for listening on your website
I agree for you to allow free downloads of my music on your website
I want you to contact me to organise digital distribution of my music on iTunes and up to 400 online platforms for a one off fee with 100% revenue to me
I agree for you to publish and or edit my bio to publish my music
I agree for you to play and or mix my music to stream online on your radio


Enter the Code You See