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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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Chika Ike – the N5 Million Moment – Making the Movie – Moment of Tears

Chika Ike – the N5 Million Moment – Making the Movie – Moment of Tears

| On 24, Apr 2013

Nollywood damsel Chika Ike has been in the movie industry for years.

In the last few days….images of Chika shedding her afro curls as part of her role in the movie ‘Moment Of Tears’ have flooded the entertainment scene.

A true actress, Chika played her role perfectly showing the required affect for the role we assume to be a widow.

She was paid a tidy N5 Million for agreeing to shed her hair estimated £20,000/$30500 which is not that bad but brings to light the important aspects of movie making and effects that many Nollywood movies do not use and which altruistically brings realism into the images that are brought to our screens in recent times.

Moments of Tears, directed by Obinna Ukaeze and produced by Jusmac with First Movies International as the executive producers.

First Movies International worked with Chika last year paying her a huge sum of money to shoot a movie called the Blind where she had gushy make-up and it appears she wowed them as she has bagged N5 Million for cutting her hair off in their latest flick.

Word on the street has it that the movie is geared up to be a chart buster when its released and that First Movies have found unrivalled confidence in Chika and are willing to pay up for her talent.

Here’s a copy of the ‘supposed’ cheque which has been doing the rounds….although I daresay, is it  the secretary, the accountant or the PA who shall lose their job as we really see no reason why the cheque found its way into the public domain.

We can’t wait to see the film though….and we are still guessing what the storyline is…. do you know?? pray…tell….:)