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KonkNaija Media | May 7, 2016

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Boko Haram threatens to destroy Universities, claims responsibility for attack on barracks

Boko Haram threatens to destroy Universities, claims responsibility for attack on barracks

| On 25, Mar 2014

Supposed Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau has, in a new video, vowed that his group would wipe out the entire country if western education is not abolished.

The bloodthirsty group also claimed responsibility for the recent attacks on barracks and other attacks in the north-east which left several dead and many others homeless.

Shekau also declared total war on members of the youth vigilante called Civilian-JTF for daring to challange his group.

The sect leader, who appeared in the video donned in a white gown upon which he wore a black life-jacket with a black turban on his head passed his message in Hausa and interjected periodically with his native language, Kanuri.

He refuted the victory of the military over his members at the Giwa Barracks attack, even as he said he had succeeded in freeing over 2,000 detained members of his group, mostly leaders and warriors, from the military cell in the barracks.

He has also threatened to kill all Islamic clerics who condemn his group’s mission, even as he claimed responsibility for the murder of the renowned Zaria-based Islamic cleric, Sheik Albani.

His mesage below, “The word ‘Giwa’ in Hausa means elephant; but I assure you that today the barracks bears no status of ‘elephant’. It has now turned to pig barracks or dog barracks or rat barracks… Your name is not Civilian JTF but Civilian Trouble. My advice to you so-called Civilian-JTF is you either flee, take up arms, get conscripted into the army or police, because what I’m telling you is that I have started a war against you. It is now that I have started war against you. It has just begun… You don’t know my madness, right? It is now that you will see the true face of my madness. I swear by Allah’s holy name that I will slaughter you. I cannot be happy if I don’t personally put my knife on your necks and slit your throats. Yes! I’ll slaughter you! I’ll slaughter you! And I’ll slaughter you again and again… Now our religion and our way of worship is nothing but killings, killings and killings! Kill and slaughter but don’t eat them…

“By Allah, I will kill you. killing is my job. Let’s kill them all, we’d rather leave this world. Let the whole world perish! May Allah curse you!

“Oh! Allah, they are your servants but are they assisting (Goodluck) Jonathan, they are your servants who pray but are jesting with the Koran, they are your servants but are assisting Clinton and Obama… Work has started. And for your information, western education is forbidden. University is forbidden, you should vacate university! You should leave university, I hate university. You should quit university, I hate it, bastard.

“Western education is totally forbidden. Girls, you should return to your homes. In Islam, it is allowed to take infidel women as slaves and in due course we will start taking women away and selling in the market…

“Nigerians, let me let you know that you are in serious disaster. Don’t think we are northerners, because you are misunderstanding the whole thing. Let me make it crystal clear to you to save you from unnecessary distorted newspaper and radio analyses on issues you don’t understand. We are not fighting the north, we are fighting the world. And you will see us fighting the world. This is our job.

“I promise that we will kill all your (Muslim) clerics. Just like I killed Albani and it was splashed all over the newspapers. I’ll kill them all. Who was Albani? He was nothing. I’ll kill all of them. I’ll spare none but who follow Allah and the Prophet. Whoever follows Jews and the west is my enemy.

“My brethren wherever you are, in Abuja, Lagos, or the south-south, wherever you are, commence attacks. Even as an individual, take up your swords and slaughter anyone you come across in his sleep.

“My brethren, take up knives and start slaughtering people. Just pick up your knife and break into homes and kill. I heard some people asking Jonathan to relocate to the northeast to take charge of the fight against us, but let me tell you, Jonathan is too small. Let even Obama, the president of America, relocate to Nigeria and take charge; we will not be deterred.”


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