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KonkNaija Media | May 8, 2016

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Ashanti has a new album?

Ashanti has a new album?

| On 12, Mar 2014

For those who don’t know or still can’t remember who Ashanti is, please give us the honour of refreshing your memory.

She was the rose amongst the thorns in the Hip Hop music stable known as Murdur Inc.  Now its clear why Ja-Rule use to holler the words “It’s Murdur!” on almost every record during his heydays.  Oh, and if you’re wondering where Lil Mo is, apparently she’s also planning on releasing and album and also his a new reality show coming out.  Nothing surprizing there.

More than anything we’re not actually interested in the actual album really; all we want to know is if she and Nelly are still knocking boots or are we just mislead to think so, so people can actually by the album?  During an interview on Power 105.1 FM Ashanti had mentioned that she and the St. Lunatics rapper had a bit of a tit-fit during their break-up. Apparently the reason for their split was because Ashanti had cheated on Nelly first. Gasp. Ashanti how could you!

What we find most interesting is that Ashanti actually admitted that after she and Nelly called it quits, many rappers she never considered actually began making a pass at her (Come on Ashanti who was it?) She obviously didn’t reveal who these men were but we speculate it was one of Nelly’s homies.

Oh yes, back to Ashanti’s album, the lady has decided to go all Indy on us and distribute the album independently.  The album titled “Brave Heart” was released this week with little to no noise at all.  During this interview it also sounded as though Ashanti and Irv Gotti don’t get along as much as they use to.  We guess Irv Gotti doesn’t consider her as the Murder Inc Princes anymore.

Here’s Ashanti’s new music video featuring Rick Ross. We must say after all these years Ashanti still looks good, no wonder Nelly was all emotional when they broke up.

See video here

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