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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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After the #Ojuelegba road accident; what next for #Lagosians?

After the #Ojuelegba road accident; what next for #Lagosians?

| On 03, Sep 2015

Its unbelievable and unheard off. I don’t really know what to say as a black SUV was smashed flat like a piece of can


Casualty figure still unconfirmed as some reports has 4 while others say 6.


Now, life goes on as our authorities will never learn. Some months ago we had fuel tankers dropping off bridges like pack of cards with contents; so many lives lost and properties destroyed.


September 2, 2015 between 5.30pm and 5.58pm I got a message that a driver and occupants of a black SUV had died for nothing; totally off the trailer’s path and…..gbosa!!! That was it. The trailer was transporting cements in a container and “fell” off the popular Ojuelegba bridge via Surulere in Lagos.


I was at Apapa just 24 hrs before now & passing through Costain axis towards Ijora 7up I saw tens of trucks on that bridge all queued up.


The scary sight was coming back from Apapa towards Ijora where we have a flyover just by 7up building. There I saw tens of trucks, trailers all queued up almost looking like falling off the bridge; the weights on that very old bridge – gosh is anyone in authority using his/her heads?




Will our authorities learn at all?

Countless times we had informed trucks should move from 12am. Countless times we had informed trucks should not use bridges but rather other routes around such bridges or a different route entirely.


So many trucks, lorries, trailers are so old that you wonder what traffic authorities such as LASTMA, V.I.O, FRSC and co are doing. So many trailers in Lagos belong to the junk yard and not the road.


Life goes on as the average Nigerian life means nothing to those in charge of state’s affairs. Ohh! Blame it on the truck driver…..| senseless excuse.


I need not say much as anyone might have been crushed today by that container; yes, I was at that same spot 4.25pm yesterday and a friend also drove past that spot 12noon today.


Have we failed humanity in this part of the world?


Those loads be it fuel or goods transported by these rickety trucks that had become a menace to the society belonged to the rail roads instead. However, when a people fail to plan…………………


R.I.P to the dead. What a sad end to some fellow Nigerians. Sad! Sad!! Sad!!!