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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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2Face – Innocent Idibia – Giving Due Respect

2Face – Innocent Idibia – Giving Due Respect

| On 31, Mar 2013

its no news that over the last 9 months Innocent Idibia has taken a lot of time to dispel a lot of tales about his life and his resistance to marriage and settling down.

In what would and is frowned upon in Nigerian culture and perhaps what can be described as a somewhat darker side of his life, Innocent Idibia had become notorious in chatter circles for having children by different women.

Without a doubt, what has been clear is that he is a devoted father however of course it must be a bit hard to split yourself accross about four women and four countries all for love.

Innocent Idibia has played into the hands of those who seek to cast aspersions on his career in this respect and he could have done better considering that if you met him you would find he is actually or well appears to be quite shy and relatively laid back and does not seem to be the kind of man who would go out there eyes gleaming chasing every bit of skirt.

However…. the adoring public have not been very hostile about his ways and indeed it has been a relief that he has not been seen to be an irresponsible father.

What I have found rather astonishing has been that despite his ways, last year on Valentine’s day, Innocent got on bended knee in public and asked his long time girlfriend and mother of one of his children to marry him which kind of made all the back chatters stand back a bit.

When he went on to have a sedate registry affair, no one noticed, which is kind of hard in Lagos, but well no one noticed.

When he held his elaborate traditional wedding in Akwa Ibom, there was a stamped for juicy images and juicy photos and the public crowed and brayed and clamoured for images of the event and indeed it was a beautiful affair and we all loved that.

Now…. back to what astonishes me….

Innocent and Annie elected to hold the final leg of their formal wedding affair the white wedding in Dubai, from what we gather .. the wedding was actually a gift from a philantrophist who loves 2face and so on…but anyway that is what astonishes me.

Since the wedding at almost every turn I have chanced upon publications that allege he is wicked, foolish, unpatriotic, stupid and more….

The anger that has come from people at his wedding being held abroad is paranormal

Additionally what i found not so nice was that the wedding photos that hit the scene were obviously not professionally taken and indeed did not appear to indicate that they were meant to be public.

Gbam,…that is my second astonishment… Innocent and Annie invited ‘friends’ ‘close peers’ and colleagues to their wedding and of course in the age of modern things they all took images….

now think of this, would you like it if your friends actually took photos of your wedding on their phones and circulated it till it hit the internet including photographing personalised invites and signage at the event….?

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t….

So… Innocent is not a magician, his personal life is in the public eye, but surely husband and wife i.e.  Annie and Innocent had every right to have their wedding on the moon if they wanted and to do it privately too…

Last week…after reading a few grunts and gassing about how his music was indicating he was a man of the people…. I got a bit irritated.

And well there is no better way to elaborate or expatiate on how i felt…except to take you all down memory lane with two songs that feature 2Face Idibia…

So…now you have read my opinion somewhat and well lest I forget happy married life to Mr and Mrs Idibia,; and in my green eyededness if there is such a word… I pray and  I hope someone actually give me my walimat somewhere nice as a present so we can have a good day with family and friends….

here is what I think…….

Hit play!

Nobody M.I-ft.-2face-Idibia-Nobody

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